Tripreport! KJQF-KVPS (Concord - Destin-Fort Walton)

Hello and welcome to my first tripreport on IFC! I am glad to finally post this so here goes!imageMy aircraft I flew on, N255NV
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My arrival to the airport

I arrived at Concord at 3:00 to check in. We had an issue with our boarding passes but thankfully the check in agents got it resolved.

The airport itself

Overall the airport was above average for a regional airport! However my issue with it is that there is only one small restaurant and that’s it. So if your hungry here, you have limited options.


Concord does not have jetways so we walked up this staircase to the aircraft. Boarding went very smoothly and didn’t take very long.

The Aircraft

Fun fact: I’ve flown on this airplane twice! Once in June and now Today! Was pretty cool to fly on an aircraft once again. My seat was 5A. A very nice engine view for the A320. Legroom was decent and the seats were pretty comfortable for the most part

Takeoff and Cruise

We blasted out of concord. The pilots must’ve gone full throttle because we were in the air in about 15 seconds! The cruise was very relaxing and the flight attendants were extremely polite!

Decent and Landing

The decent was weird. The pilots must’ve made a late decent because we pretty much dived downward very fast. Landing was extremely smooth! Kudos Allegiant!

My final review

Allegiant once again exceeded my expectations! I was very pleased by the service! I will definitely fly with them again! The downside however is how much they nickel and dime you. You have to pay for a lot. My rating is an 8/10.

Thanks for reading my tripreport! I can’t wait to fly with them again on Friday!


Nice report ,I assume u fly allegiant frequently as they don’t come to KCLT and come to KJQF for a wierd reason

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Allegiant goes to concord since it’s not as hectic as Charlotte and is a perfect alternative when going to Florida or Louisiana. It’s called the nascar airport because the nascar teams go here instead of Charlotte to avoid traffic.

Noice mate, great trip report

Hope to see more trip reports in the future!

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