Tripreport! KGSO-KCLT KCLT-KVPS American Airlines A319 and CRJ900

Hello everyone! Today I flew down to Florida to visit family. Here is a tripreport of my flights!

N712US My A319 Photo credit N556NN My CRJ900 Photo credit

Arrival to KGSO
My family arrived to KGSO 2 hours early. Check in and security went by smoothly. I did some spotting in the terminal

We boarded and made our way to our seats. My seat was 21F, a great window view

The flight
The flight was literally 30 mins. We cruised at 12,000 feet

Didnt take any photos

We landed in Charlotte early. But due to congestion, we were stuck on the taxiway for 20 minutes

2nd leg
After a 2 hour layover at Charlotte, we boarded our CRJ900, my first time flying on one!

The flight
Great flight! The FA’s were very nice and the cruise was relaxing. Had an enjoyable flight!

Landing in KVPS was smooth and we taxied to our gate. Had an awesome ride!

My thoughts
American Airlines really impressed me! Especially with the bad rep they seem to get. I can’t wait to fly with them again on Saturday.

Thanks for reading my tripreport!


I recently flew on American as well. I really enjoyed the flight Except for the landings, they were very hard I also was impressed especially with their 737, which had In Flight Entertainment for the short, hour long flight from KIND to KCLT.

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Taking them and Alaska ( a code share) in first class from LAX-ALB.

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Nice! I bet u enjoyed the wierd layout of Concourse E and the rest of the outdated airport. Did u see the new part of Concourse A? Looks 🔥 compared to the rest of the airport.

Oh btw I’ve been on N712US a while ago

I’m often spotting at KCLT and when winter break comes ima be there a lot with my new camera equipment I just got

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You flew to my home airport ❤️

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Yeah I went through Concourse A briefly. Pretty cool. Walking to Concourse E was actually fun. All the moving sidewalks and endless amounts of stores was fun to walk through. I do love KCLT!

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Haha true u can’t resist the walking sidewalks.
I’ve gotten sick of the really outdated stuff which makes me really dislike KCLT but hey! Their expansion and modernization project will definately pay off well. I’ll be back to liking CLT pretty soon!

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The one thing I don’t like is how damn busy it is. It’s so hard to navigate through crowds of people, especially during busy holidays.

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At least it ain’t anything like LGA or ATL( Terminal A,B,C)

I’ve seen much worse than CLT


Yeah. Never been to LGA but ATL seems more tolerable for some reason and I don’t know why.

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Which flight was better? Leg one or two?

Definitely leg 2. Leg 1 was extremely short.

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i think my buddy was flying the crj-900 flight that day. not sure. he did tell me he was going to VPS

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