TRIPREPORT// Eurowings// Cologne -Roma //A320 Economy// PART 1 OF 2

Hello everyone! I hope your ok!
Today I decided to go to Rome from Cologne (2 airports who I’ve never visited ) . I booked a flight with Eurowings the low cost of Lufty. Here is the part 1 of my report, Hope you are going to have a good time reading me! 🛫
Let’s go!

After a long discover walk in Cologne Airport finally I’m arriving at my gate and see that beauty:
Eurowings A320-200
Age : 4,5 years
Immatriculation: D-AIZU
Capacity : 165 pax
I have 35 minutes before boarding so I visited Cologne Airport.

After long time, boarding is here: my seat : F25
When I enter the plane the Cabin personal say me :“Halo” with smile . Appreciate that!

Pushback, start engines etc …

Taxi: the Airport is very empty, just a Ryanair plane is standing here waiting for his pax to Standest:

Cleared for Takeoff!

And there we go !

View of Cologne Airport, do you see the Ryanair Plane?


Eat Times:
So 20 minutes after reaching out Cruise altitude (FL360) the Crew serve the food !
There was 2 choice , i choose the Chicken Sandwich and a Coca Cola BUT the sandwich was just an part of bread with sauce inside and a little bit of chicken, are they serious?! :

Différents views of Alps 🏔️⛰️:

Part 2 will be on another topic don’t miss it please!
Part 2 : TRIPREPORT// Cologne - Roma//Eurowings Economy// PART 2 of 2


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