TripReport - Delta (First Class) - Saint Martin to New York - B757-200

Delta Airlines flight 1887, Seat 19A, TNCM-KJFK. (Expert server)

Waiting for takeoff at Saint Martin

Tiny commuter plane taking off

Delta 1850 to ATL!

Just after we lifted off

Flying back over the island towards JFK before going to sleep

Woke up over New York before the Captain told us we had a fuel emergency!

We landed and I decided to go on FR24 to see all the other planes:)

Passing by an Air France Boeing A320 Dreamliner!

A Lufthansa A340 ahead of us before we turned into our gate

The gate attaching onto our plane

Got off the plane and took a picture before leaving the airport


Great shots! However I don’t think this picture is allowed due to the white boxes and callsigns. Have a great day! ;)


This is by far one of my favorite airports to fly into!

Jokes aside, nice pictures!

thank you! i just realized it said KFJK😂