TRIPREPORT! Delta Airlines A350-900 in Premium Select! PHX-MSP

Hello all from Phoenix! Tonight we were taking Delta’s redeye service between Phoenix and Minneapolis on their flagship a350! Even better we are in premium select!!

This flight is scheduled to leave Phoenix at 12:59am and scheduled to arrive in Minneapolis at 5am. As for me i left for the airport around 10:15pm as it’s still about a 30 minute drive to PHX for me.

I arrived at the airport around 10:40 and parked at the T3 garage!

After navigating through Terminal 3, as i had never actually flown through here before, we were through security and airside by 11:10p!

For people have been through both T4 and T3 at PHX, they will know that Terminal 3 is a night and day difference compared to Terminal 4. T4 is a dump.

I grabbed a water and bag of cheez-it’s for the flight and found a seat near the gate to wait for boarding.

Boarding started around 50 minutes prior to departure. My zone was called and I boarded this monstrous A350 in seat 21J!

This IFE screen is huge!

on the bit of an odd side is how low these seats are to the floor, my backpack did not fit underneath it causing me to have to put it in the overhead compartment. No big deal but i found it strange.

on the contrary side this wingview is amazing!

Boarding this 306 seat jet took quite a while and we were eventually underway about 20 minutes after our scheduled departure. We pushed back from Gate F10 and taxied to runway 7L for departure!

And let me tell you that engine roar and takeoff was heavenly. I will link a video to that at the end of the topic.

We quickly thundered out into the night sky over phoenix.

we turned north and headed into the night sky. We reached our cruising altitude of 41,000 feet which i think is the max operational limit for the a350?

FA’s soon walked through the cabin offering a snack basket to all premium select passengers. I took a bag of kettle chips. After i finished those the FA’s came around offering a drink service and another snack.

i chose a sprite and a bag of sun chips. i also started watching a couple episodes of “the office.”

i eventually got hooked on watching the flight tracker as we flew across the country in the dark

here’s Sioux Falls as we pass through South Dakota

I enjoyed the stellar recline that the seat offers.

and unfortunately soon enough we started our descent into the twin cities.

we made our approach and windy landing on MSP’s 30L

we taxied and parked at Gate G4 here in MSP which surprisingly doesn’t have very many heavy gates.

since this flight technically took place on my birthday (Dec 24) as we were deplaning i asked around the crew if i could visit the flight deck.

they directed me up there and the pilots were super chill and offered to let me sit in the captains seat!

and i have to say this flight deck is massive!

Overall it was an amazing flight with Delta on their A350 and i would not hesitate to fly with delta again!

Thanks for reading the tripreport and i hope you enjoyed it!


Wishing you a happy birthday! And also those cockpit pictured are 🔥🔥


Delta has aircraft trading cards! Next time you’re on a delta flight, ask the pilots for one!

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Beautiful review! What a flight to be on and what a great aircraft!

For the -900 it’s 43,100ft!

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Happy Birthday! Those pictures are awesome

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Is very nice the front cockpit and have fun!

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thank you! super happy i was able to visit up front

i forgot delta has those! i definitely will remember for next time!

thank you!

thanks! glad you enjoyed them!

the flight deck was amazing!

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This most entertaining part of watching your trip unfold in real time was when you got stuck in Minneapolis for like 14 hours or something

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Happy birthday and awesome trip report! I absolutely love those domestic flights on long haul aircraft because you can sit in Domestic First (Premium Select on DL) for the price of extra legroom seats (Comfort+ on DL).

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Photos and the flight report incredible. Happy new year !

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Shut up

Thank you! I was able to grab my premium select ticket for only $250 which was a steal!

Thank you!

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thank you!

also, is the a350 your favorite plane now? (out of the ones you’ve already flown on). please know that i will be incredibly disappointed in you if it is

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