Tripreport//CRJ1000 Iberia (Air Nostrum) Business Class// NCE-MAD

Hello, Buenos dias, ladies and gentlemen!

First, yes i'm back on IFC after 2.5 months, i'm happy to be back! 

Second, the Tripreport lol. So yes welcome to Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, it’s 19 pm and we are boarding our CRJ 1000 on our night right to Madrid Int. This is my back flight to America, i mean the first leg, tomorrow i’ll take my AA flight to MIA with B787-8 , there will be a second tripreport!

Flight time estimated to 1h30min

My seat is 3A for Tonight business class:

My view with beautiful sun :

Sorry but now the photos will be dark, elevate your screen brightness for more confortable view:)

Liftoff !

Shortly after the takeoff, dinner was served, it consist of a sausage with omelet, potatoes and some vegetables, croissant, confiture , fruits and yogurt, with a coffee,

Cruising at FL330 over Spain:

After that we started the descent, it was smooth, we approached the airport and made a hold pattern for 5 minutes, i was so sleepy 😴! The landing woke me up, because it was Ryanair…

We made it to the gate 25 min late:
Last view of the plane:

What a enjoyable flight i had here! Very pleasant, see you tomorrow for the AA flight to MIA and then another to DFW home.

Sorry for the eventual spelling mistakes i want to sleep now!

Have a nice day and landing!

Flight rating: 3.5/5


Nice mix of real and IF pics!

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Thank you man! Appreciate the gesture