Triplets At Miami

American Airlines B777-300ER, A321 and CRJ-200 At Miami International

Im In the Airbus A321. I Traveled From Miami(KMIA)-Bogota(SKBO) In 2:58 ( 2 Hours And 58 Minutes)


I cant really see the planes other than by the lights. If you did a picture with mid-day lighting it would probably look better.

Try increasing your screen brightness

I did. It’s a little clearer but the problem could also be my bad vision. Cool photo from what I could see though

This is what it looks like.

More brighter version

I would change it out for this one.

Anyway great spot and timing mate.


i knew you guys couldn’t see the picture that well, sorry guys

how did you do that?

I just maxed out the exposure.

It seems that some of those triplets ate more fast food than the other.

It’s always nice to see a fellow airline. i have no idea what i’m trying to say but i’m trying to say the picture is nice


This is a cool photo, I can see it really well!