Hey everyone, it’s me again. I’ve got more screenshots, what a surprise. The first flight was from Auckland to Dubai, with the Emirates 777, and the second was a bit less mainstream. I doubt many people have flown with the CEIBA Intercontinental 77L, or have even heard of the airline apart from seeing the livery in IF. CEIBA is the national carrier of Equatorial Guinea, a small African nation, located very near to the equator, as the name suggests. Ademas, Guinea Ecuatorial es la unica nacion fuera de latino america y España que habla español como su idioma nacional. CEIBA leased some 777’s from White Airways for a while, with their, in my opinion, stunning livery. It’s gotta be one of the cleanest liveries out there. So, I took the 777 from EG’s capital, Malabo, to Accra, Ghana, and the scenery was some of the prettiest I’ve seen in Africa. Anyways, on to the photos.

@Redheadedned_ned on final while I taxi for departure

NZ never disappoints

Last views of Middle Earth

Views over the Australian Outback

Same place, different angle

The EK livery looks so good when lit just right

Pushing back for departure out of Malabo

Partiendo de la isla de Bioko

The aircraft over some Nigerian river deltas, that tree is the Guinean coat of arms

My favorite pic of the lot

Anyways, that concludes this screenshot topic, definitely one of my favorites that I’ve made. Thanks for viewing, have a good day/evening :)

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Also idk what it is about your editing or the platform, but all of your shots look so crisp and clear, and the lighting is just 🤌 ❤️.


Hee hee, subtle

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Aww ty Johnny. Using the clarity slider on PsX usually adds some crispyness. And lighting is obviously in-app.

Thanks, haha :)

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