Triple Seven Tuesday

Okay I know it’s not Tuesday but

First of all, a Happy 10th Anniversary to Infinite Flight! Yesterday I was looking for somewhere to fly in Africa and the result was well, a pair of GE90s and the sea. What sea? You’ll see.

Very Unimportant Stuff

Server: The one that EGLL is open every single day
Time: Whoever guesses it correctly gets a free Trivago holiday
Route: HECA - HEGN
Aircraft: EgyptAir 777-300ER

777 looking shiny

First Officer: Sorry, what comes after V1? I forgot.

I don’t know, is that a plum with… craters?

looks like we got stuck Suez Canaled

good thing the GE90s are powerful enough to get us outta here.

Descending over the dessert, pudding,
I can’t seem to find the right word though
Anyway I’m serious
The Red Sea is completely transparent blue. If you put a white stone inside, it gets wet, not red.

Sam Chui was invited to the flight deck to film the approach and probably make his first EgyptAir trip report

Wait do you see that
We have no fuel

Ooh so we have the First Officer letting very tired Fred fly the plane and not paying attention to the landing just to get some good clips for JustPlanes

looks like someone had spread butter on the runway once again
of course
swiss wouldn’t say it was bad

centreline: am I a joke to you

I wanted to yell at myself for flying the 777 on this route
Though I didn’t
Since I didn’t want to spoil the passengers’ fun

That’s all for now
I hope you enjoyed it
Feedback is appreciated, thank you!



These are some great pictures!

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57 minutes flight time.

Also nice plum.

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Close but no.

Mike Oscar Oscar November

Thank you very much!

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