Triple parallel landing in Memphis!

Today I did an amazing flight with an amazing landing experience in Memphis! I landed 18C while 2 other planes landed next to me on 18L and 18R. Here are some photos of that. Enjoy!

Server: Expert
Plane: MD-11 Fedex

Me with a wonderful takeoff from KIND

Me and the 2 other planes landing in KMEM

Delta 777-200er landing next to me

Me after I buttered and the Delta 777-200er about to butter.

Me unloading my cargo

What was your favorite picture?

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Tell me if I should do more of these in the future.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

-Sam C.


Wonderful shots! Definitely looks like a fun flight. I’ll have to head out to Memphis soon. It’s been months since I last flew there :(

Me being a very frequent KMEM spotter IRL, seeing a 777 there thats not delta hurt but great pictures.

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LOL. Thank you for the support.

Awesome pictures! Memphis is a cool airport. I’ve flown in there once, unfortunately there was no traffic :(

Oh Memphis, that airport reminds me of a dungeon. Nice pictures though!!

Ohh! What is better than a parallel landing? A triple parallel landing!

Great pictures :)

Thank you very much!

Why a dungeon😂

Well the check in area is really dark and the gates and baggage claim area have really low ceilings. 😂😂

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