Trip To The Islands

Good news, @Balloonchaser and I made it out of custody and even made a new friend with one of the CAP pilots, @Chris_Hoss.

We decided to do some low formations over the Pacific and decided to fly in for some patterns at PHNL on good ol’ expert server. Thanks for ATC @JAR

Pics sent by @Chris_Hoss


What lovely photos!

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It was a beautiful formation to watch ya’ll, thanks for coming by!



How in tarnation did you not get any violations?

Formation flights are allowed and we followed the rules of expert server lol

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you were never tempted to go beyond 260 knots IAS IN a F-16C?
…i dont believe you

also i don’t think i said this before but

Only 1 Fuel truck for all 3 of you?

We did go 300 away over the water but did 220 in the pattern


Great photo)

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Glad you got away!

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Phew your out of custody