Trip to Pittsburgh (KDTW-KIAD-KPIT) 02/09/2023

Hello all! So, I know I haven’t been around for some time but I did recently just take a round trip from KDTW-KIAD-KPIT (Detroit to Washington Dulles to Pittsburgh) on United. Here are some pictures for you all.

LEG 1: UA6320 - KDTW to KIAD - Gate D3 - United Express E175LR

Taxiing out of Metro!

Cruising above the clouds over Pennsylvania!

A few waypoints before the final approach into Dulles at around 10,000AGL

Arrived at Dulles!

Well uhm…that’s interesting!

LEG 2: UA3655 - KIAD-KPIT - Gate C24 - United Express E175LR

I spy a United 77W!

Takeoff from Washington-Dulles!

Cruising at 21,000AGL for the relatively short hop over to KPIT

Making the final turn on right base for the runway!

Annnnnnnd welcome to Pittsburgh!

Some various regional jets on the ramp.


Wow! Nice photos! Do you know why there were all those police cars?

Unfortunately, I don’t. It was definitely for something, but it wasn’t something major. My first thought was a suspicious package, but then I was like “Eh, there would be wayyy more if it was something like that.” So no, but if anyone has any information, please do post it!

Yes. If it was a suspicious package, they’d probably have a whole SWAT team or something crazy!

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Nice to see a Pittsburgh trip report

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That’s exactly what I thought. Being a IRL first responder, if there was a suspicious package, there probably would’ve been SWAT, Airport Authority PD, FD and EMS all out there as well.

Yes. It could have been a disruptive passenger. That’s been happening quite a bit these days.

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