Trip to Penguin Land! ( FLIGHT 2 )

For the past 2 days I’ve wondering around Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 after coming in from Miami it’s a really lovely city and even got the chance to head out to Rosario, we’re Lionel Messi was from but now my time in BA has to come to an end as we continue our journey south towards Antarctica 🇦🇶 but still no nonstop service between BA and Antarctica so we need to stop somewhere else, where you ask? Ushuaia! Let’s get airborne!

Origin: Aeroparque Jorge Newberry ( SABE )
Destination: Ushuaia Intl ( SAWH )
Flight Time: 3:10
Boeing 737-800 ( Aerolíneas Argentinas )
Server: Expert

Buenos Aires has 2 major airports Ezeiza and Aeroparque, Ezeiza is the major international airport which is were I came in from Miami and handled other flights across South, North American and even Europe but it is further away from the city while Aeroparque is in the city itself since it is smaller it is mainly used for domestic service but there are a few international flights mainly to countries bordering Argentina 🇦🇷 but anyways, let’s get on this bird!

Today I’m seated at the very back on the left side which provided this view which was great but I’d prefer a seat on the other side 100%

We took off RWY 13 from Aeroparque on this pleasant day now I’m getting closer and closer to being face to face with penguins 🐧

Climbed up to FL390 as we cruised over a bit of
land before heading over the water which we were flying above for most of the flight but it’s cool that from BA you can just go across the sea to Montevideo, the capitals of Uruguay 🇺🇾 I should do it if I ever find myself there again. Also we were served some sandwiches which I didn’t expect from Aerolíneas but I’m glad they gave it to us 😁

No debate but the highlight of this flight was our approach into Ushuaia especially the mountains not as pretty as the Andes over Chile 🇨🇱 but still great

Final right turn to line up with RWY 25 at Ushuaia.

On final to RWY 25 and beyond the sea you will see Chile 🇨🇱 we will be going though all those mountains before going through the Drake Passage which is pretty rough but sounds fun!

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Ushuaia Intl serving the city of Ushuaia not only the southernmost city of Argentina 🇦🇷 or even South America, the whole world 🌎 but we still needed to go down even more!

I also had 1 day here before my ship down to Antarctica 🇦🇶 would leave so I also used this opportunity to explore Ushuaia and I will be taking a flight in a TBM-930 just to get to the mainland from a small island which will be really exciting but between now and then, see you in the cold! 🥶🥶


“The little boy from Rosario, Argentina, on behalf of every little boy wearing his shirt. Messi on a million backs. Messi for a million flashbulbs…"

Nice photos!


Amazing pictures! I love the commentary, too! I can’t wait for the third installment!