Trip to Penguin Land! ( FLIGHT 1 )

Going to Antarctica 🇦🇶 has been a dream for me despite the weather however the only way there was to grab a boat all the way in Ushuaia, Argentina 🇦🇷 which there is NO non stop service to the USA 🇺🇸 So I had to stop in Buenos Aires thankfully cause of my status with American Airlines, I am able to go flagship first on this experience on their flagship aircraft the Boeing 777-300ER let’s get this trip started!

Origin: Miami Intl ( KMIA )
Destination: Ministro Pistarini “Ezeiza” Intl ( SAEZ )
Flight Time: 9:04
Boeing 777-300ER ( American Airlines )
Server: None ( Solo Mode )

I apologize about the first 4 shots since there really isn’t much to see since it was really dark out, after a stop at the flagship lounge I made my way to gate D21 where our Boeing 777-300ER taking us all the way down to the Argentine Capital tonight was waiting for us ❤️

Sadly right now, we don’t a get a good view our the window but trust me, in the morning it will be a whole different story and this seat is amazing I wouldn’t mind going to Hong Kong 🇭🇰 instead in this thing it’s that good!

We were now airborne from Miami on my way to BA where I would spend 2 days and 1 night before continuing on to Ushuaia some spotter tried to catch us but again the night sky made it difficult to spot us.

We climbed up to FL360 as we cruised over Cuba 🇨🇺, Directly between the Caymans 🇰🇾 and Jamaica 🇯🇲, Flew over Panama 🇵🇦, part of Colombia 🇨🇴, Ecuador 🇪🇨, Peru 🇵🇪 and finally Chile 🇨🇱 before we entered Argentina 🇦🇷 We were served our dinner over Cuba which was great 😊 I’m glad I was able to sit here for this down south and I’m also going back in this same seat, which would be fun but now, it’s time to catch some Z’s 😴 see you in the morning!

Sun rising somewhere off the coast of Chile 🇨🇱 and this is a better view out the window which I couldn’t show back in Miami since it was too dark.

Breakfast has now been served and I hate to say it, it wasn’t as good as dinner but I was still grateful for it and I was more grateful for the view outside, hands down the most scenic part of the flight I told you it would provide a great view!

After the Andes it was mostly just flat farm land as we made our way from one side of Argentina to the other and 8 and a 1/2 hours after departing Miami we were descending into Buenos Aires and here is the final turn to line up with RWY 11 at BA’s Ezeiza airport, this was a really enjoyable flight, seat was amazing, food was good especially the dinner and I was able to sleep well in the bed those 9 hours went quick!

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Ministro Pistarini “Ezeiza” Intl serving the city of Buenos Aires the capital and biggest city of Argentina 🇦🇷

Before deplaning I was granted permission to visit the cockpit which was really exciting and I snagged this shot in the process 📸

Got off the plane and before heading to passport control which was a mess because of all the long hauls coming in from the USA and Europe I took a better shot of our 777-300ER since I couldn’t get a good shot in Miami. I still had 2 days here in BA before my flight south to Ushuaia so I’m gonna be here exploring the city a bit. Till now and the next time, see you at the airport again for my next flight ❤️


Amazing photos and commentary! Is Buenos Aires not 3D yet?

Aeroparque ( the one in the city ) is, Ezeiza isn’t sadly hopefully it comes one day

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Here’s for hoping!