Trip to Paris

Earlier this year, a couple of friends and I found some really good flights and lodging deals and decided to take a trip to Paris. Thought these photos might be interesting.

On the way there, we had a non-stop from MSP to CDG on a Delta A330-300. I forgot to take any photos before we left, but luckily my friend who met us from Fargo snagged one when he pulled in:

The flight took about 8 hours and we landed in the early morning on Sunday. Got to seem some nice Air France planes as we taxied to our BUS GATE :(

I was quite surprised that one of AF’s biggest partners, Delta got stuck with a bus gate but C’est La vie

We spent about a week going to all of the sights, including the Air France museum, except that it was closed.

Finally, we headed back the following Sunday, and due to Covid, the non-stop to Minneapolis is only operating a few days per week so we had to take a layover in Amsterdam, but this allowed for some cool pictures.

KLM 777-300

Landing in AMS from CDG

787-9 for our flight home

Kenya Airways 787

Chasing the sunset

And one funny thing; I found my boarding pass for the first time I went to Paris in around 2007-2008

Hope y’all that these were interesting. Haven’t posted anything in quite a while.



The colors

wow, the colors changing from orange to blue is so cool


Hey, I know that place ;)

Looks like you had a good time!
Unfortunately, museums are closed on Tuesdays here… don’t ask why.

Nice pictures!


I was just at CDG for a layover on Sunday going from NCE-CDG-ATL-JAX. I didn’t have a lot of time in the airport and spent the whole time going through passport control and going from terminal to terminal. Also, what did you think of KLM?


Wow nice shots! Looks like you had a good trip!

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French version of Sunday?


I want to go to Europe so bad!!!

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KLM is definitely my favourite airline. Especially the 787 it’s super nice. Really good food as well for economy class, and the flight attendants were super friendly.

I’ve flown them a few times in the past.

Lovely pictures! The morning colours painted across the sky are stunning!

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