Trip to KADF with a buddy

Pictures passing over KLIT at 4500 feet on my way to KADF with a buddy to look at my flight school. Also, first time talking with approach control


For a second I thought you said you flew to school 😂
Nice photos, cool little airport. The highway intersection looks cool from above.


Ehh sometimes I fly to school depending on the weather. But usually I just drive down


Does your school have its own airport? Guessing not as only a couple have such. Auburn, Purdue (I believe) and ERAU, but DAB is the airport…

Hope y’all had fun while passing the KLIT airport!

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Yah sorta. We’re the main operator at the airport. The city owns the airport but HSU my flight school is the probably 95%of the traffic

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Was a blast. One of the closest times I’ve gotten close to an airport. We got closer to a SWA plane but couldn’t get a picture as I was flying but got it on GoPro


Some of my shots cruising at 5,500 feet headed Northeast back to Searcy.

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Great photos, you should’ve came to MEM and spotted some FedEx planes :D

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I’ll never too KMEM soon. Maybe come down on a weekend and spot. Live about 2 hours away.

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