Trip to India.

Just went to India.image


Where are the pictures from india?

This is the Indian airport and it will go a little off topic if he were to post his actual holiday pics at India

No actually my phone got taken at security and they deleted all my photos from Mumbai Airport. These are from Des Moines, and Chicago.

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Ah, apologies then. That was rude of them to do that.

Yeah, I know right!

Are you on an IOS device?

Does it matter? And yes, except the American one.

Did you check the recently deleted section of your photos?

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No they went there and deleted those to.

yea thats what i was going to ask, if they checked that part. Wow i wonder why they would delete it, next time just take the pictures and select them and copy them so when they delete just paste it somewhere

Are you from Des Moine Iowa im from Cedar Rapids Iowa

Who did this?!

What city? What employer?

No one is allowed to do this except in obvious cases (Detailed later), security guards do NOT have the right to delete your photos, they are your intellectual property. If you took photos of the TSA facilities and/or equipment that you cannot photograph, then they can, but if it’s just planes and if it’s an airline employee, then they can’t delete photos like that.


I am from Des Moines yes.

It was in Mumbai Airport. All they asked was to see my phone, next thing I know they went into my photos and deleted everything to do with planes and then they went to recently deleted and deleted those, to. There was no pictures of security of anything. It sucked.

@dush19 has this happened to you?

Hmm… Sounds like they went on a power trip… Were these rent a cops or real security guards? Did they take your phone to a separate isolated room then return it to you or was it right in your face?

I think rent a cop and yeah, they took the phone away.

Haha that’s sooo illegal in the states.


This might be why. These idiots are clueless generally and even though they may hold some authority, they have a set of their own rules in their mind versus the actual law. At JFK Parking lots, rent a cops come and throw their BS around but may get told off by a trained PAPD employee. Generally, avoid these types. They always overreact and are the type to associate planespotting and the hobby of planes with terrorism. Keep an eye out-don’t act suspicious and such, but if a rent a cop is nearby, best to stop. They’re stubborn, they throw around their weight like they’re important, and are stupid. Not worth wasting time and trouble.