Trip to India Part 1


Nice shots!

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Thank you!

Try and avoid using zoom on Phone cameras. It makes some quite grainy/noisy shots.

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Where did you get the a380? I’ll be traveling to India later this year on Qatar, and u want to know my chances of getting the big Bird.

No problem!

Well it’s at Heathrow, most likely DOH - LHR
If you are flying to India her is my tip
I recommend Qatar. Great Service and much more…
PM me if you want more details
Also @IceBlue no other option or the aircraft wouldn’t be see able :(

Yep, I am going by Qatar. I get to fly on the new A350 from Boston :P

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Doesn’t the new A350 go by Philadelphia?
Anyway, let’s continue in pm :)

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Last thing before we take it to pm: the a350 flies to Philadelphia, yes, but it also flies into Boston and Ny

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