Trip to Germany Over The Summer

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be in Real World Aviation, but the point of it is to share the pictures of plans that I took, so I’ll leave it in Spotting.

Over the summer, I got to go to Germany! I didn’t take pictures of my flight to Munich because I was pretty tired, but I got some photos of planes at my layover there while waiting to board a flight to Frankfurt. I got to see a lot of a320s, an a340, and most importantly, Lufthansa’s a350!


Here’s a photo of the landing in Frankfurt.


After finally getting off my flight at Frankfurt, the pilots let me go inside the cockpit. Here’s a photo of it:


I’m not quite sure when I took this photo, but it might’ve been when we were leaving. We boarded the plane using a staircase, so I had the awesome experience of staring at my favorite aircraft, the MD-11.


Here’s are some random photos I found, not sure from where though


And my favorite photo of all; beautiful clouds in a United 737-900 going back to LA.


Thank you for stopping by and looking at my photos from my trip to Germany!


Sounds like a fun trip!

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Very nice shots, love how you take the time to take these images to share with the community! Would love to see more of your shots in the future :).

Warm Regards,

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Nice, I went to Germany for American Thanksgiving, but landed in Stuttgart and left through Munich. Here are my pics; not the best, but during the layover in Paris I got some pics of Air France‘s A380s and some landing pics


Great pics! I enjoyed looking through them and seeing what talent you have in photography. Some of us are good at photography, some of us aren’t. No matter are skill, all aviation photography on the forum is appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Happy Landings!

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