Trip to Dubai

My dad and I are planning to go to Dubai end February. Emirates is operating the A380 from Amsterdam to Dubai so my question is for the people that flew on an A380 before: Where is the best window seat? Behind the wing? Or on the wing? I also want to take pictures that I can share with you.

PS: If you know special places in Dubai aviation or non aviation related you can pm me. I really appreciate it.


If it’s the 2 class version upper deck otherwise down behind the wing when you are in Dubai goe by emirates official store and get one of these

And fly the a380 sim you should as well goe up in the bursh khalifa.
Ps Dubai is an amazing city but be prepared it’s very expensive.


I flew on an Emirates A380 to Hong Kong last year, I was on the lower deck right near the front ( about 3 rows from the front) very cool and also loads of room to move around and take photos!

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Make sure you take a load of money cos I call it: The Expensive Town


It depend your local currency, TBH for swiss peoples it’s not very expensive for us, and I think for Dutch people too

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I live in Iran so… you know.


Oh I understand

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You need to find out what configuration flies on that route

Also here are four different wingviews on an A380, you decide which is best

In front of the wing

Middle of the wing

Just behind the middle

Behind the wing


I would say in Dubai read up on the laws as they are pretty ridiculous like no swearing, don’t take pictures of planes as it’s been know for people to get arrested for it as it’s against the law. If you do take a picture like I did make sure no one is around you. I would say to visit the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, not aviation related I know but still pretty cool.


I like the last pic the most


In Dubai mall there is an Emirates store!


The Emirates Store in Dubai Mall is one of the best aviation stores in the world, with a rather large supply of models and other Emirates Memorabilia.


Yes and that Guy who i talked to in there was very nice great guy and the a380 sim was so fun those 30 minutes was the fastest 30 minutes in my life it was so fun that I did not want to leave.


How many euro’s is it? And can you choose between takeoff and landing?

I have been from SFO to DXB. The best seat in my opinion would be in the front or behind the wing. The flight is overall pleasant and is one I would fly again. Have fun flying!

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About 150 i think And you can select to take off or land at What ever airport you want during your 30 minutes you can book your session on

Or at the emirates store located very close to the simulator.

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