Trip to Denver Pictures

Hey all,

I have some pictures of both flight to and from Denver KDEN when I took a trip there for thanksgiving.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a good photographer. These were all taken through a dirty window on an iPhone 6.

B739 descent into KDEN

A320 Above the Rocky Mountain en route to KSAN

B739 departing san diego

B739 departing san diego

A320 above the Grand Canyon

B739 pulling into gate 42 @ KSAN

A320 descent into KSAN

Above California in A320

More Rocky Mountains in the A320

A320 short final into KSAN

Hope you liked them!


Love the pictures you took, especially the ones from the rocky mountains, and I gotta admit that the Iphone has a very good camera for it just being a phone.
Nice shots,
Warm regards,
The Chief!

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Thanks, Denver and the Rocky Mountains are beautiful from a birds eye view!!

What airlines did you fly in the 320?

Both flights were on United. UA249 (I think) and UA2019

Nice pics and nice airline choice!

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Beautiful route! I’ve flown to Denver before, but fell asleep before we took off 😭

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Love these pic! Denver is a great place especially the mountains. Hope to see you here one day!


Ah Colorado, this is my home airspace. It’s beautiful year round for flying. I live just south of KDEN by KBKF, but fly out of KAPA. Love all the pics!


Ayy! Nice photos man! Welcome home!

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Maybe add them Here?

US landscape looks so nice. Whenever I fly irl it’s either just water or boring countryside.

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