Trip to ABV.

I travelled to Abuja the capital of Nigeria for the first time! It was a sudden and unplanned trip but it was quite enjoyable. The flight time was around 6hrs which is nice, as Abuja is not too far from England at a distance of around 3000miles.
I did experience some quirks such as: my outbound and inbound flights being served by exactly the same plane, BA’s 777-200ER G-VIIK. This is the first time I have experienced this. Also on my return trip, we parked at a remote stand at LHR and for the first time I did not use a jet-bridge while deplaning. I also had to extend my trip but BA’s staff in Abuja were commendable in sorting it out for me.
Abuja’s airport did have some negatives but it is currently undergoing renovation so I hope it improves in the future but the staff were very professional and polite and the security was tight.

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Here is a bonus picture of Abuja’s famous landmark! The mighty Zuma rock.
Technically it is not located in Abuja but in Niger state!


Looks like it was a great trip! How was BA in general? Their B777-200 aircraft are pretty old now, was the cabin updated?


I hate the imperial system lol

The 772 is a beauty! Especially on that BA livery. I bet those engines on the roll sounded awesome!


3000 miles is about JFK-Dublin 👍


Yep it was! I know their 200ER range is pretty old. Yeah the cabin is quite nice.


Totally! GE90s are the best!


Hi there I’m from Nigeria and I Currently live in Abuja

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What’s the date of your flight when you came to Nigeria

As an American I call the the impierial system the American way. I can also tell you that I hate the metric system. It’s easier, but growing up on the American way makes it so much harder to convert.

The Zuma rock? Did Jacob have some kind of influence?

I’ve said before, I’d love to visit these countries.

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I don’t think he has any influence in the naming of the rock. haha

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It was around 3 weeks ago!

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