Trip report

I just went on a journey from Phoenix all the way to Minneapolis Minnesota the flight went overall good but we couldn’t get on the other flight because it was full and we couldn’t get on because we fly stndby. The arrival into Minnesota was rainy and really beautiful because of the rain



The pilots did a high cholesterol buttery landing

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Awesome trip report. 😀

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Nice and awesome, I went on a flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis and by the time we were are landing and it was snowing.

When I was landing tonight it was raining and cloudy so when we went through clouds they would light up pretty colors

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Yeah, that what I saw through the snow and cloudy.

It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it

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MD90? And I would assume that you have a family member that works for that airline (looks to be Delta) since it flew standby

MD90 is correct my mom used to work for northwest airlines at the call center in Minnesota

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That’s nice! I wish my parents would work for an airline so I could non-rev everywhere

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