(Trip Report) YMAV-YMEN C172

Hey Guys Welcome back to my 2nd trip report
As previously mentioned I have a mission to fly to every 3D airport in IF so here come flight #2
Hope you Enjoy. 😁

Flight Details

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Server: Training
Flight Time: 31 mins

At the Gate
Just Departed.
View of Melbrone
Over Melbrone Intl
Now Descending
Great Landing😃


In the Terminal
Thanks to thus Cessna for flying me down here😀
Next flight coming soon😉
Good Day😊
Other Flight 😁

BTW if anyone wants to join just PM me


I tracked you! Loved the pictures!

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OMG thank you for the amazing comment
Means A lot 😁

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How did you get passenger-view photos?! That’s so cool!!

Nice trip!

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Thank you I move myself in
Interior Camera 1

nice trip report 😃
but just a question, why are the flaps not retracted at the final gate ?
that’s all

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Oh I forgot bout them cause I actually flew this flight in cockpit camera and forgot bout and realized at the gate during replay
Anyways Thank You Very Much😁

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Nice photos of my hometown, just saying ‘melbrone’ is spelt Melbourne.

OK thanks @VH-OEJ_747 will correct that also update coming soon

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Good luck on your journey!!

Thank You Very Much For Everything Guys Means A lot😄