Trip Report | YBBN - NZWN | 25 / 06 - 07 / 07 | A trip to remember

What a holiday, What a time, and What a wonderful place. New Zealand is my home country, and unfortunately for 3 years, I have been unable to return and see my family. Well last month, that all changed. I woke up on the 25th, full of excitement, knowing I would finally be getting to go back and see my family in the beautiful city of Wellington. We got to visit the Marlborough Sounds too. I’m already thinking about my next trip!

Anyway, back to the aviation side of things. We were booked for NZ270 on Saturday June 25, a direct service from Brisbane to Wellington. We arrived nice and early to the airport, and we checked in and headed down to the departures area. Our ride for the day was an A320NEO, ZK-NHE, an aircraft which was only made in October 2021 (brand new!). I had already selected my window seat, 15F, which was lovely.

Sitting on the apron at Brisbane’s international terminal

Soon enough we were in the air, and it was so stunning!! The views of Australia’s east coast as we made our way south, before turning east toward Wellington.

Passing by the Gold Coast

Unfortunately, for this flight, no food was given, apart from to those who paid. This was strange because the last time I went to New Zealand, they offered us countless snacks on the 50 minute hop from Auckland to Wellington. Nevertheless the crew were lovely, and so was the flight.

Pretty soon it began to get dark, letting me capture some nice sunset views as we approached NZ’s capital city.

Lovely colours!

Finally after around 3 and a half hours, we touched down in Wellington. We were greeted with the traditional welcome of a bumpy approach, followed by the thump of the landing (can’t blame the pilots, Wellington is very hard to land at). We parked up at the awesome international portion of the terminal, home to “the rock” (no not Dwayne, the terminal is called the rock due to its shape, colour and architectural design)

I loved my flight on Air New Zealand, but I loved my holiday there even more. I’m super excited for next year, when I get to do it all again!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon for my next trip report!!

Mā Te Wā - See you later


Amazing photos and amaIng trip by the spunds of it!

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It’s great to hear that you could see your family again. By the way in Wellington the winds are pretty strong and sometimes there are gusts too… That is a challange for the pilots to land. So a bumpy landing is expected as always.

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Thanks!! It most certainly was, loved every minute of it


Yep haha. Exactly what I was meaning by “traditional welcome” lol

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I would assume Wellington was windy?

Very very windy, but that’s half the fun! When it’s blasting freezing Antarctic winds I know I’m in Wellington

Nice pictures!

Great to hear you got to see your family again!


Very nice pictures and also, the 2nd picture kinda looked like IF no offence 😂


If only they had the Air Nz A321NEO in IF :(

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Thanks so much! It was 3 years in the making so it was such a wonderful thing seeing them, while also going on an amazing holiday


I was also meant to fly back via Auckland on Qantas but they decided to give me 1 and a bit hours connection time between my domestic and international flights. Also I probably would have magically lost my bag or been delayed a bazillion hours so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t fly Qantas

I went on that’s same flight by to Queenstown not wellignton the pilots did an amazing job on a approach but I flew on a normal A320 🥲

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I was lucky enough to get on a brand new A320NEO. When I went last time (in may) we flew a 787-9 Dreamliner to Auckland, then an A320NEO down to Wellington. On my flight home it was an A321NEO

Yeah the Neo is the best, I rmemeber I flew from London Heathrow to Copenhagen on the 20 days old SAS A320 Neo and the fly was problme free

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That would have been awesome! I do like Air NZ seating and interior a lot

Yea I love especially the 787 seating as it’s not as crammed as other airlines

I flew it once from Auckland to Fiji on my stop over and i was lucky because normally they fly A320/21 on that route

I went to Fiji once but I went on the Virgin Australia 737. It was still awesome

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