Trip Report: WN2342, Lax-Las

Hello everyone! Today I flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Southwest. I have flown southwest 10+ times, but I haven’t been on them in 5 years. The aircraft was a 737-700 (N230WN) which has the Colorado state livery.


Age: 12 Years Old
Engines: 2x CFM56-7B22
Seating: 143 Seats

Flight Review

I was boarded in group B but luckily enough seat 1A was available and my mother was only 1 row behind me. The seat was very spacious, but that was because I was in a bulkhead seat. I recommend trying to get a seat infront of the engine so you can hear those beasts roar!

As always, the flight attendants were great on my flight and they had a smile throughout the whole flight. The flight was on 55 minutes but we were given a complimentary drink and some pretzels. I can’t complain about not having peanuts because I am deathly allergic. (Don’t hate me 😂)


Have any of you flown on a special livery? This was my second time! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and report, I’ll link a takeoff and landing video here once I upload it to YouTube.


Woohoo for Colorado One! 🙌 Also nice report!


Nice trip report! Lucky you got to fly on Colorado one!

I saw you on Geminijets Instagram story BTW


Yeah lol, after I landed I went to the Airplane Shop.

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I have once flown on a special livery. A long time ago I was on a United Flight and the livery was the Star Alliance Livery. Don’t know what aircraft or airport. It was from long ago.

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I’ve never been on a special livery but have seen the Maryland One, the Colorado One, and the Texas One at KBWI, didn’t get a picture of any tho

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Lone star one, my bad

I’ve flew Southwest 3 times FLL-SJU and back and I can’t complaint. It was a nice flight and service. I paid the early Bird so I boarded on Group 1 and I was able to get a seat on the front. I’ll definitely fly Southwest again. About special liveries… I’ve been on the “NYFD” red livery and “Support our Veterans” on jetBlue.

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Lucky I have always wanted to fly on Colorado one cause you know I’m from Colorado. I have never been on a special livery plane.😭😭

I’ve only ever been on one special livery and I wouldn’t even call it that special, the United 747 friendship livery from KORD-PHNL

Thanks for the report!! Nice job! Great photos too!!

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That’s a cool looking livery. I’ve caught the United Eco-Skies and most of their Star Alliance liveries as well as the Air France in the SkyTeam livery. Favorite was the Delta in the Pink Ribbon livery.

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Colorado One for the win! Nice man :)

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Thanks for sharing, can you tell us even more about your trip?

I bet you can, take a look at this for some inspiration.

I’ve flown a special livery once, Jetstar Jaffa.
Great review, good to hear that all was good on your flight

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I’m sorry that this does not meet your expectation, but unless that is official it isn’t really a necessity. I have a pretty good amount of detail on this flight but here you go…
My mom had a 150 dollar voucher and so we flew here. We went to the strip, The Gemini Jets shop and I went spotting…

Southwest is the best! Colorado one livery!? jealous now. Good report!

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