Trip Report: WN 738, MCI-LAS

Hello IFC! I recently flew KMCI to KPDX via KLAS so I will be sharing some photos! Here are some photos from my KMCI-KLAS flight! I thought this flight was very fun!

Snagged me an exit row seat 😝

A birds eye view of KMCI 😍

Reached cruising altitude at 36,000 feet!

Some mountains near the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon looked amazing from up here

My view of Las Vegas on final into KLAS

Landed right behind a British Airways A350-1000, this is my favorite A350 livery

Southwest Desert Gold Retro livery parked near my gate

Overall, I had so much fun on this flight! Stay tuned for more trip reports from this journey


Beautiful photos and cool trip report! I love that Grand Canyon shot.


Sunsets just hit different from the sky.


It does. Just a whole different perspective.


love to see the old evolve interiors still floating around on the -800s

to my knowledge freedom one still has it as well


I wish that WN would keep the special livery theme consistent inside the aircraft, with carpet patterns, wall designs, lighting, seats-whatever. I get it would be more expensive from an operational standpoint, but it would be cool.

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that would be pretty cool

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i also don’t like the new wifi portal thing. on the old one it used to show that you were flying on a special livery but doesn’t show that anymore. and i definitely preferred the old map more

one of my favorite β€œflexes” i guess πŸ˜‚


Is that where the seats look like this?

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Sweet. I flew on that from MCO-AUS back in 2021 and didn’t realize until I stood up at the end of the flight. πŸ˜‚

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