Trip report | Widerøe | Flying the small beauty

Hello community!
Nice to see you guys again! I’ve been flying a little lately, nothing new except me flying the Dash 8 100 with Widerøe.

I did not get many pictures outside due to the weather being bad, and very dark, but I did my best :)


Widerøe’s Dash 8 100/200/300 has begun to become really old, many of them being in service in over 30 years, still I find the cabin to be decent. As a Norwegian carrier they are really strict on the cabin being clean.


The seat can be compared to a bus seat, it’s regional, but still quite soft. I’d rather not sit long in that seat, but it’s still better than what you expect when you sit down.
I sat at the emergency exit, so I had better legroom than many European carriers, although you don’t have an armrest with the window as you have on all other seats

The tray table is small, but you won’t get food served on this flight anyway, only snacks, I at least found it to be big enough, as it’s actually bigger than on Frontier and Spirit airlines.

In-flight entertainment, Menu and Safety onboard

As entertainment you have the inflight magazine, you have the safety onboard card and the menu.

The magazine is in Norwegian, and is changing every month, it’s just like any other inflight magazine.

For the menu you can choose between an actually large variety of snacks, at least for being a 25 minute flight, you can see the menu on the pictures on top

The safety onboard card, is, well a safety card, but I found out I’d include it anyway

I bought a smoothie



I had a nice flight, the seat was ok and service was good, especially for a such short flight. If you ever have the opportunity to fly widerøe, I’d give it a shot, also because the engine sound is just amazing in the dash 8

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Would’ve been great to see some window pictures looking outside at the clouds and what not.

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@Aceorbit here

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Nice trip report!

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Worst airline in the northern hemisphere

Way experience have made you think like that?

Not bad my friend!

Aren’t you from Oslo or something?
but yeah I feel ya ik what that type of weather is like

Nono, im from nothern norway

Oh i see its even colder then

Yes it is very cold

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But warm hearted people 🙂
Nice report @Jens_Severin 👍🏻


I actually thought the first picture was from unnamed flight simulator for a second 🤣

I wish I could fly more. Glad to see when others can though! Keep the passion alive!

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Nice trip report! This is an airline not many people have reviewed. Good work!

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widerøe is a really cool airline, and so is the Dash-8 q100. Two not-so-well known things combined make something great! Awesome trip report and happy flying.

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback!


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