Trip Report! WestJet Encore WR3184: CYYJ-CYVR Q400

Hello IFC,

I’m currently at YVR catching PR117 to Manila and I thought I would make a trip report for both the flight to YVR and flight to MNL so stay tuned for that trip report.

Now the flight I took was WestJet Encore 3184 from YYJ to YVR, the aircraft was a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, registration C-GWJK.

After that picture, we proceeded to board and that took about 10 minutes. There were about 50 passengers on board. Here’s a look at the safety card.

I also got a glimpse of the cockpit before we left.

The crew was nice and friendly, eager to help us out any way they could. We then started up engine 1, then started pushback, and then started engine 2. Here’s a video that I took from pushback to climb.

WEN3184: YYJ-YVR Pushback-Cruise

For some reason the video isn’t working, I’ll try to fix that!

Our cruising altitude was 3,000ft, the flight time was 13 minutes, and the flown distance was around 80km (around 50mi).

WEN3184: YYJ-YVR Descent-Parking

For some reason the video isn’t working, I’ll try to fix that!

In the video, you can see that I zoom into an aircraft passing overhead when we were on approach to YVR, that was Eva Air flight 10, Boeing 777-3AL(ER). The landing was okay, we landed on the right main landing gear first and then touched down on the left and nose landing gear.

Saw a WestJet Boeing 737 MAX 8 just waiting at the gate

Offload was pretty smooth, tried taking a picture of the Q400 after I got off but a gate agent stopped me. Great and short flight overall, good work WestJet!
Now if you’ll excuse me, from the time since I posted this, I’ve got about an hour and a half until my flight (PR117) to Manila starts boarding. See you guys soon!

Sorry about all the glare from all the windows!

See you in the skies!


Great report! I’ll await your PR117 trip report.

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