Trip Report: Venice to Split: Croatia Airlines Dash 8

Route: Venice, Italy to Split, Croatia
Aircraft: Dash 8
Livery: Croatia Airlines
Flight time: 42 minutes
Cruising altitude: 18,000 feet
Cruising speed: 275 knots
Server: Solo

Today, my boss decided I had to attend an urgent meeting in Split, Croatia. After an early morning flight from Lyon to Venice, I hopped aboard this Croatia Airlines Dash 8 for the quick hop to Split.

Waiting at the gate as the last of the passengers board.

Captain’s view as we taxi out to the runway. He better close his Pepsi, or its going to spill if we hit turbulence!

Powering out of Venice, as the gear begin to retract. Already, we’re being tossed around by the winds.

Banking southeast as we pass through 5,000 feet, close to the heart of Venice.

Because of our short flight time, combined with the moderate/severe turbulence we experienced throughout the flight, we didn’t have any food or beverage service. This photo was taken form 18,000 feet of Croatia’s northern coast.

Already, we’re preparing for our landing. The winds were really knocking us around up here! Our pilot was worried about needing to divert because the wind in Split was such that we might not be able to safely land.

At long last, we make a rather hard landing in Split. The wings were tipping up and down on short final, and we had to go around once.

Off to my meeting!

Final Review
Crew: 8/10
Service & Food: N/A (No Service Provided)
Cabin: 6/10 - a little dated, but fine
Landing: 2/10 (the 40+ knot crosswinds may have had something to do with that)

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2 underrated 3D airports. Cool pics

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Thanks @I_Ride_Southwest! I agree! The Croatia Airlines Dash 8 is a great livery.

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Nice shots! I love the Croatian livery

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Thanks! I agree!