TRIP REPORT: United's(new) E175 - RNO-LAX

Hey everyone, welcome to my first IFC trip report. I hope you enjoy this one!

So this is my plane, a 1.3 year old E175LR painted in the new UA livery, registered as N614UX.

Welcome on Board! I’m not going to show the seats because I’m too lazy, but here are pics of my Orange Juice and Mountain views.

Now here’s our landing at LAX and a pic of us taxiing next to a United 77W.

Thanks for “watching” this.

If you want to see more you can check out my video for this where all the juicy footage is:

Coming Soon: Southwest 737-700 - LAX-RNO


You were in RNO? I work at RNO airport

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Yep, I’ve seen some of your posts and were reminded of you when I drove past the UPS planes 😂

Dang! I wish I had known! Could have done an IFC meetup! How many UPS planes were there

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IDK, I think an A300 and a 757

Sounds about right. That’s all we get. 757 was either parked in spot 1 or 3 and the A300 was in spot 2

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Also, your welcome for bringing the snow with me 😀

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@N1DG what do you work as at RNO?

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Sent you a pm

You can have all the snow. I’ll pass on it

I got it 👍

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