TRIP REPORT | United Airlines - 737-800 - Denver (DEN) to Los Angeles (LAX

Today I decided to try something new, a lil virtual trip report. I hope y’all enjoy!!

Route: DEN-LAX
Plane: United 737-800
Flight Time: 1hr 38min

Boarding began on time for United Airlines flight 1093 service to Los Angeles. The gate was super busy for a pandemic, but that’s good because it shows a travel resurgence!! Anyways I boarded the flight and we were off.

At The Gate

We pushed straight back and quickly were on our way. We had a long taxi all the way to runway 25 where there was an awesome view of the Rocky Mountains which we would soon fly over.

Lining Up Runway 25

After a super long takeoff roll due to the altitude, we were off!! The flight attendants came around with a snack pouch which had some goodies and a water. At this point, I dozed off and took a nap for a few hours as we tracked west towards California.

Flying Over The Rocky Mountains

A few hours later, after a good nap, we made it. Here we are on final for runway 25L at LAX.

On Final At LAX

“Ladies and gentlemen, United would like to be the first to welcome you Los Angeles.”

Landing Runway 25L

And we made it, parked at the gate in LA. Getting ready to hop off the plane with my dream and my cardigan (iykyk). Wonderful Flight United, ill certainly be back soon.

Parked At The Gate In Los Angeles


lmfao 😭 (great photos and creative idea, well done!)


Thank you!!

Great Pictures

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Awesome photos! cool idea!

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looks real.


I know!! 21.1 is really exciting!!

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