Trip Report | United A319 JAX-DEN

Hey y’all,

On July 27th, I flew from my hometown of Jacksonville Florida to Salt Lake City. This is about our first flight which was to Denver.

We arrived at the airport at about 7:30 for our 8:45am flight. Security was a breeze as usual here and we were on our way. Our aircraft, unfortunately still in the old livery, was waiting for us at gate A1 which is actually Frontiers gate here at JAX. We boarded our A319 on time and we were off.

After a fun departure from JAX, we climbed above the clouds. We headed north for a bit before turning towards Denver.

Then it was time to eat!! A personal favorite of mine that is. I was expecting the snack bag United had for Covid but we got a full service. Each passenger got a choice of drink, a water bottle, pretzels, and my all time favorite airplane snack (sorry biscoff), a stroopwafel.

After what seemed like a very long 3 hours, we began our descent into Denver. It was very bumpy which is typical for the area as it is hot and at a high elevation (5000+ ft).

After a very smooth landing we were on the ground. We taxied around the entire C concourse passing by a whole bunch of planes, my favorite was this Evo Blue 772. We got to gate B25 and we were off to the next flight, after getting chick-fil-a of course.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading my little report here and I’ll have the other 3 flights up on here in the next few days.


What was the legroom like on UA’s 319?


My type of person lol


We can be best friends 🤣. Well you need to admit the old United livery is way better first 😂

Nice trip report!


It wasn’t too bad, I’m 5’11 and I was comfortable for the long flight. That being said I also don’t mind the legroom on like frontier but it truly wasn’t bad.

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Oh yes, always.

Eh I like the old livery but the new one is just more fun. The old one is kinda bland. But I do like both

ah ok. I have the opposite opinion

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Here are the links to both the takeoff and landing from this flight. Filmed on a gopro hero 7 suction mount.




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