Trip Report: United 777-200 BUSINESS Review

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I flew on board United 777-200 from Los Angeles to Honolulu. This was an amazing flight and an amazing way to kick start spring break for me. Join me as I give a full review of United’s 777 business class.

The seat definitely came as somewhat of a surprise to me, simply because it was facing towards the tail of the aircraft rather than the cockpit like normal. Nonetheless the seat was very comfortable and came with a pillow, blanket and a small amenity kit.

With reverse operations at LAX, it often can cause heavy departure delays however our plane took off only 30 minutes behind schedule.

Service began about 45 minutes after departure. I got a bacon cheeseburger along with some bread, a side salad and a strawberry cheesecake.

Halfway there! Our crew for this flight was beyond amazing. They were so kind and very interactive with everyone. The “Halfway to Hawaii” game that the crew did really brought a great vibe to the whole plane. A flight is definitely more memorable when you have an amazing crew.

Now on our approach into Honolulu. The IFE on board this flight was unlike anything I have seen anywhere else. There was a huge selection of TV shows however I did not check out movies on this flight.

The landing on runway 4R was fairly smooth. After using the full runway, we had a short taxi over to gate G3.

Overall Review:

Topic Rating
Seat: 8/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 10/10
Landing: 9/10
Total: 33/40

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What exactly is the game? Never flown with UA to Hawaii before. What do you do in it. Nice pictures by the way and enjoy Hawaii

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It’s basically the whole flight gets asked one question about something (in this case it was about the crew) and whoever guesses it right can win a prize. It’s similar to trivia, but you just get asked one question


Nice takeoff video by the way. I like the roar of the Pratt and Whitney engines. It’s a shame not many airlines use them. I am thinking of making a trip report about Aegean Airlines and maybe Jet2 soon


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@Butter575 what seat did you have


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I don’t think I have seen that business class on United yet. I have had all Polaris Suites. Not a fan of rear facing. Have a good trip

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Yeah me too, felt strange on takeoff



Go check out @Butter575’s YouTube channel!
I saw the videos! They’re AWSOME.
Make sure to subscribe to him!


They’ve been phasing it out. Formerly the Business class of nightmares for transpac and transatlantic flights but now only on high density domestic routes.

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Good to hear they are doing the halfway to Hawaii game again! Do you know what the prize was for this flight was? Also great trip report!

you richie (jk)

i think i’ll be flying the 777 from IAD to SAN later in the month. Nice shots!, that must have been fun

No. They didn’t announce what it would be nor did anyone win lol

Passengers guess the flight time to get to the halfway point I think.

I think that would be a dead giveaway for business class passengers as we have the flight time displayed on the screens

But I think the game counts it down to the seconds and the live map only shows an estimate by he minutes which may vary


No, I believe it’s based on distance as time is too easy.