Trip Report | United 737-800 DEN-SLC

Hello yall,

On July 27th, I flew from Jacksonville Florida to Salt Lake City Utah. This topic is about flight number 2, from Denver to Salt Lake City. The first edition can be found Here. Now on to the flight:

We arrived from JAX and had an hour and a half to make it to our next flight. I walked around concourse A briefly before heading to the new section of concourse B to check out the outdoor patio. Its smaller than I thought it would be but a great place to take a minute with my mask off before heading off. Then I headed off to the gate for boarding.

After we pushed back, the max that was next to us met up next to us which was pretty cool. I haven’t gotten to fly on a max yet but i will be in November from STL - MIA.

After a long taxi, we made it to the runway. Our takeoff roll was extremely long because of the elevation. It always is so cool how Denver goes from flat land to mountains in an instant.

A few minutes into the flight, the flight attendants passed out snacks to go along with the great views outside. In the picture you can see the Winter Park ski resort in Colorado.

After a short flight, we began the beautiful decent into Salt Lake City. This was without a doubt the most pretty approach I have been on recently.

A few wind gusts later, we touched hard (Ryanair style) in Salt Lake City. We parked next to an Alaska 737 and we were on our way.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading my little report here and I’ll have the other 2 flights up on here in the next few days hopefully.

A picture of the mountains just for fun:


That’s the route that I will be flying in Infinite Flight though with the AA B737-800 regular, not the B737 MAX 8.

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Oh yeah also here are the links to takeoff and landing videos.


Flew the wrong airline 😏🤣


Agreed, I didn’t think they were all that bad though.

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Just had to make a joke, cause I work for Delta and SLC is a hub 😏. Nice post though

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