(This is my first trip report, so bear with me)

Today I got to fly on United 2425 from Denver to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The airplane was an Airbus A319, registered N985UA.


Our flight departed KDEN on time from runway 25. With about 3:10 en route at FL330, we arrived 15 minutes early into MMPR on Runway 22. The landing was very smooth, and I also got to go into the cockpit and meet the pilots. (No pics, sorry :/ )


We arrived at the airport about 2 hours early for our flight, all of the check in and security lines were very short, and we arrived at gate B37 about an hour and a half before our flight. After a quick dinner at the airport Chick-Fil-A we were ready to begin boarding. The flight was very empty.

I was in seat 10A, EconomyPlus!
The flight attendants were extremely nice for the whole flight.
Once we landed, the lines at customs and immigration were also very short. Overall, I would rate this experience 10/10. Great service at United as always and very short lines everywhere!

Other Photos:

Thanks for reading, enjoy! :)


My 2 Cents: Great trip report overall! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I personally think you could have made it a little more thorough, such as including pictures of the food/drinks/snacks served onboard. And of course, pictures from the cockpit also, however that is not the easiest to do. Have fun in Mexico!



I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta on a cruise once, very nice. Cool that you didn’t have to deal with screaming babies and snoores! :P

Fantastic trip report. I have flown with United before from YMML - KLAX and to be honest wasn’t the best experience but your experience seemed awesome.

Great photos and can’t wait to see your next trip report. Take care :)

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Did you not post photos of the cockpit because they pilots didn’t want you to or because you didn’t have your camera on hand? I’m interested to know my own personal reference as I try to get in the cockpit every flight. I know F9 doesn’t seem to have an issue with it. The 2 times I was able to get in they let me take some photos.

They didn’t have one on hand. I would have

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Ah that makes sense. Haha I always take my phone into the cockpit hoping to take photos and it paid off both times. I still have the photos of the A321 cockpit.

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