Trip Report: TXKF- KJFK JetBlue A320 (old interior) with the COVID-19 Traveling Experience

So on 2020-08-01T16:20:00Z I took a flight from TXKF to KJFK to go to the mainland United States for summer vacation and I though I would make a trip report on the flight so here we go. I was also wearing a mask from getting out of my car at TXKF to getting in the rental car I got at KJFK so I was wearing a mask the whole time, more about the policies for that in TXKF and KJFK plus on JetBlue later on.

Getting in the airport and checking in was strange as in TXKF the took out all of the rope things that keep people in lines and instead they had social distancing dukes on the fork for obvious reasons, other than that it was the same. Also at TXKF was mandatory mask enforcing which means you had to wear your mask properly the whole time you were there, which is good and the reason why Bermuda is almost Covid free.

After check in We had pre clearance for US customs, for those who don’t know what pre clearance is this is basically it: Since Bermuda is a British over seas territory, the short 2 hour flight was considered international which means I would have had to go go through customs at JFK, which would take a long time but since we did customs in Bermuda we avoid the big lines for custom at JFK, which is a win for me

After customs we had security (which is always bad for me since I always get a ssss on my boarding pass which means I get a pat down and tea searches my bag no no photos of security.

After security i was in the pre departure lounge where I got Pringle’s, gum, chips ahoy, and a sprite to sustain me for the flight as I didn’t think they were going to be serving snacks because of covid

After boating I sat down in seat 21F a window seat but I Didn’t get a picture of my seat because I forgot to (this always happens) but I did go on to google images and google the seats

My view out the window was ok but I couldn’t see much of the wing but I was fine with it, I should also mention that JetBlue forbids switching seats with strangers during the COVID-19 crisis so I was stuck with this anyways, you are also forced to wear a mask properly throughout the whole flight as well but you can pull it down for a little bit to drink water and eat snacks.

After filming the takeoff, I began taking pictures of the water because I know people like them, so here are the best

Once we were at 10,000 feet I put down my tray table (which was wiped by the crew and by me with a Clorox while along with the seat) to eat the snack. I bought at TXKF, to my surprise the FAs began to pass out what I’m going to be calling ‘goodie bags’

In those ‘goodie bags’ were: a note from the crew, a small bottle of water, A bag of cookies, a granola bar and 3 napkins

So combined with my snack I bout in TXKF I had quite a-lot of food

After finishing everything I decided to take a nap because I was tired and I had about an hour and 15 minutes left on the flight, but not after taking a picture of me cruising at 40,000 feet

I woke up when we were at 20,000 feet because someone hit the flight attendant button in the seat in front of me.

10 minutes later we hit 10,000 feet above sea level and begun our final decent

Oh look it the United States

Turning onto final for Runway 22L at KJFK

Well I forgot to take a photo of our gate so straight to the experience at KJFK, Masks were enforced throughout the whole of Terminal 5 as well,
Which is good

After a quick bathroom break I went straight to baggage claim to pick up my luggage, it was decently empty as there were only a few flights there but here is a photo.

And that is all the photos I have from this flight. I also Fly from KJFK to TXKF with JetBlue on my return flight on August 19th and if it wasn’t the retrofitted A320 I wasn’t going to make a report on it but then I remembered the arrival procedures for Bermuda’s airport was quite unique and it could be different to because of covid so do you guys want me to make it?

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Alright that’s all for me, next trip report will probably be around New Years if the New Terminal is open at TXKF by then, have a good day!


Really nice pictures! Bermuda looks like a fun place to go! Glad you didn’t randomly disappear 😂.

Although, there is a picture limit, you can only have 10 pictures. Just something to know for next time!

Happy flying!


Thats really nice pics you got there buddy!

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Great pictures! Nobody beats JetBlue inflight entertainment. It’s funny cause I’m on a JetBlue flight rn going LAX-FLL 😂

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If it’s the new JetBlue IFE that’s true

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Bermuda definitely is the place to go. And they even have attractions that you can swim and jet ski in the triangle. It’s very cool.

@Lil_Seedy_Boi Nice trip report! Always love seeing pictures of home.


It is, and this plane has mint too

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You brave soul…

Nonetheless, very nice trip report, always enjoy reading them. Looking forward to seeing one of the return trip! Stay safe!


Nice pics! in 2015, I flew from SJU to JFK in Jetblue A320… i had the extra space seat too

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Excellent trip report. Things may not be fully back to normal here in NYC but its slowly starting to recover.

Enjoy your stay here!

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Awesome review. Nice work!

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Maybe you’ll get the new interior on your way back

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I’m hoping so, I had it twice back in February and it is my favorite economy seat ever

The good ole Quad SSSS. Being In airline CS and such I’ve yet to see this

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Yea for now it’s only the A321s

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Yeah ever since I broke my arm in 2018 every time I fly I get a ssss, I’m assuming it’s because I had a cast

Ok it seems like you all really want the trip report 😂

Yes give us a video I really wanna watch it

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I’ll make that when I get home, I’m still in America

Might I ask what flavour?
Cool trip report!