Trip Report: TXKF-KBOS and KBOS-KSLC

On Saturday, February 8th, 2020 I took two flights to Get from Bermuda to Salt Lake City, both of those flights were on JetBlue, here is my experience!


My ride up to Boston: N655JB

The View from my Seat, it was pretty rainy in Bermuda that day so I didn’t get time to get a phot of my seat but I was the old interior.

After takeoff I fell asleep and I was asleep until decent which means I missed snack service:( I would have gotten the sweet and salty chips JetBlue has though.

Starting decent into KBOS

On final for runway 27 at KBOS

At the Gate after a 2 hour flight.

After landing from my first flight, I went to a restaurant where I got a taco also did some plane spotting, my favorite catch was a Lufthansa 747 bound for Frankfurt.

Flight 2: KBOS-KSLC

I didn’t, get a view of my aircraft from the gate but that didn’t matter to me as I was going on my first flight with the retrofitted Jetblue A320

The seats looked comfortable, and they were, it certainly helped that the newer seats included an adjustable headrest as this flight left at 7:25pm Boston time and landed at midnight Salt Lake City time so gettin a quick 2 hour nap was no problem

As soon as we pushed back the mood lighting was turned on and it was a really nice touch, made the flight more relaxing but not leaving the plane in the dark.

When we reached cruising altitude I didn’t bother with getting a snack as I ate at KBOS so I put down the tray table and watched Netflix for 2 hours

After the movie I watched, I went to use the bathroom but it was TINY, it was the only thing I can think of that the retrofitted A320 did worse than the old A320.

Final approach into runway 34R at Salt Lake City.

That’s all the photos I have as when I landed the time at my origin was 3:00 am so I just decided that what I had was fine and decided to call it a day


That’s a awesome trip report, glad you had a great flight!

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Thanks! I’m hoping I get the Retrofitted A320 for my flights back home to BDA

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I love JetBlue!! Best airline out there by far!!

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