Trip report: Tokyo to Sydney! S1E3 of travelling across the world!

こんにちは、おかえりなさい (hello and welcome back) to my third Infinite Flight trip report! As you may recall from the last post, I travelled to Osaka? But Snieg, where is the trip report back to Tokyo? Well… the answer is simple - I took the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen and a bus back to Tokyo Haneda. Anyways without further ado, lets hop into the photos!

Here is my plane for today! The Airbus 787neo.

I just sat down in 8A and we are already pushing back.

Taxiing to 16L - our departure runway.

,Japan Air 55 Heavy line up and wait runway 16L"

And we’re hurtling down the runway!!!

Runway 23, my favorite runway in the game!

First turn towards 🇦🇺

Reached our cruising altitude of 35000 feet. Service started after a little bit, I opted for the same meal that I took last time I flew on JAL - Kanmi (Kudzu Starch Noodles, Peach Gorojima-kintoki Sweetend Sweet Potato and Green Tea). For the beverage, I went for some apple juice (アップル).

Took a couple Z’s and we’re descending! I quickly changed into my normal clothes and converted my bed into a seat.

And we are on final! Cannot wait to land in the inverted land.

Go-around? I mean we were going up and down.

Turning crosswind for another landing attempt.

On final once again. Hopefully no go-around.

And landing! Quite a hard landing once again but at least were in one piece.

Off the runway, welcome to Australia¡

Here we are at the gate or should I say at the stand.
Processing: InfiniteFlight_2023-07-28-20-13-34.jpg…
I asked the friendly cabin crew if I could visit the cockpit and they said yes!

I left the cockpit, deboarded the plane and went into the bus, and went to the terminal. Sad to see my plane standing so far.

Thanks for tuning into another episode and see you on the other flight to somewhere (I haven’t bought the tickets for my next flight yet 🫠).


You should have taken Zipair, unfortunately the livery isn’t in IF.

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Nice report.

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I’m obsessed with Tokyo Japan I want to go there someday but I’ll have to wait😁

Very nice. Unfortunately, the Screenshot-and-videos Category in the rule of 10 photos is limited for allowing the topic that IFC.

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