Trip Report: Tokyo to Osaka! S1E2 of travelling across the world!

Hello and welcome to my second Infinite Flight trip report! In this episode I travelled on a rather short flight from Tokyo Haneda to Osaka Kansai Intl Airport! This time I flew alone. Lets get into the photos shall we? (btw I made this flight yesterday)

WD-40 mini-mod edition v2

Aircraft: ANA Boeing 777-200ER
Flight number: NH99/ANA99
Flight time: 0:56

Arrived here just in time for my boarding to start, except the jetbridges weren’t connected, weird.

It turns out that our flight was delayed by half an hour. Well, RIP. Anyways here is my seat - 14K

Pushing back yaaaaaaay

After a rather short taxi we are lining up with runway 22 and we zoom zoom zoom down the runway.

V1, Rotate out of Tokyo Haneda into the sky once again!

Here is our first turn towards Osaka. Many more to go.

Cruising at 34000ft. Unfortunately no snack service as it is a short flight.

Here is the airport! Japanese really love to build on water don’t they?

After a long float, we touch down right on the end of the touchdown zone. We stopped relatevily quickly and exit the runway.

After a couple taxiing mistakes we arrive at our gate - 26 at the Domestic Terminal.

Thanks for watching this 2nd trip report! The next one should be interesting as I won’t take a plane back to Tokyo but something else so stay tuned!