Trip report to Spain

Hello and this is my trip report from Dominican Republic to Spain
Flight time: 8:09

Morning boarding on today’s flight

And we are airborne off to Spain

We reached land after 8 hours :)

Reached the airport and had an smooth landing

Me at the gate unloading passengers

Saw @Pablo_CG do an amazing landing :)

That’s it and i dont have much pictures since it’s over water for most of the flight :)


Hello! Thanks, but I floated a lot haha
Couldn’t see your landing unfortunately but I’m sure it was really good

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Yea i saw that haha but it still came out smooth :)

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It did
A350 is just a butterer

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Oh yea it definitely is!

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Is this a flight that you mocked? Asking because I seen this on FlightRadar24 while I was on my way to ATL from ONT yesterday

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I seen a few flights like this Yes so i decided to do one. :)

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I knew I seen this flight!!

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