Trip Report to Singapore

Hi everyone! This is my first part of the trip report on the forum which I will splitting into 1: Going to Singapore 2: Going to Chiang Mai and Back Home. I flew on both Virgin Aus and Singapore Airlines on this specific trip report. The second trip report will be me posting me going to Chiang Mai. Enjoy the Photos!

Leg 1:
Airline: Virgin Australia
Seat: 22B (Note someone sat next to me but allowed me to take pic of wing view)
Route: Adelaide - Sydney
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (VH-YIB)

Flight window (dirty lol)

Plane viewed from terminal

Sleeping the cruising and first half of descent, view of Sydney Harbour

Final Approach

Landing (Landing was too hard like Ryanair)

Second Flight:
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Seat: 65A
Aircraft: A380-800 (9V-SKS)
Route: Sydney - Singapore Seletar

At the gate

Qantas 100 787 livery

Exiting Aussie Sydney

Exiting Runway 02L at Singapore


Thank you for viewing this report! Expect the second part to come out in several days. Bye!!

(Ps: If you want more photos then PM me.)


Nice photos, love the Sydney harbour pic!

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whaaa what the but other than that good photos! hope u enjoy ur time in singapore!

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Was just tricking y’all 😂 Btw that was my recent trip to Singapore bong

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I’m jealous. Nice trip report!

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Very nice photos indeed!

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How was the food on the flight?, more specifically breakfeast. I’m flying to Singapore this June from SFO on SQ. Heard that they serve amazing food, Unlike United’s long haul economy. I still have PTSD from United’s plain cheese sandwich which they called ‘breakfeast’ flying from Europe to USA.


Amazing photos. I’ve never been on an A380 so seeing that pic out the window into the wing was amazing to me! 😧

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Uhm what lol


Refer to messages above ^

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I didn’t have breakfast on the flights, but on my second part of the trip report I can tell you which breakfast I got.

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