Trip report - The longest flight between KJFK and WSSS

For quite some time, I was away from this beautiful community of infinite flight. Without a doubt, I had really enjoyed my stay here and didn’t want to leave, however one can never risk exams. Now as the exams are over, I am back and am quite active. I had been constantly doing long-hauls for some time but there was one route in particular which I really really wanted to do. And it was the longest route of New York to Singapore Changi in the Singapore airlines a350. It was a flight which was 18 hrs 21 mins long and obviously an overnight lol. (Infact, it was actually my first overnight). So, i took the decision and at around 16:00 ist or 10:30 Zulu time, I took off.
The a350 is a a beautiful plane indeed haha!
So well the flight continued and i kept myself busy doing all sorts of work. So i took off when it was night and in quite much of the trip that followed , it was dark so nothing much to look at. Now as it was my first overnight flight, I was very much concerned if I would be able to make it. Because I would surely have been pretty much heartbroken had i woke up to see that the game crashed, but thankfully, it didn’t. My device a 3 year old one was still doing really good. And i woke up just in time ( at 5 am lol) to find that the plane was cruising above my own country India 🇮🇳. I enjoyed the scenery and then as the plane got above the Bay of Bengal, i still had around 2-3 hrs before descent. So just fiddled around haha. Then it was time for descent, the descent was quite beautiful and refreshing because without a doubt, the city of Kuala Lumpur and then that of Singapore are really beautiful. Went in for landing at 02L and thank God it was much better than what I had expected. Wasn’t exactly a typical Emirates type landing tho XD but still quite a decent one. I parked at the gates and then felt a huge gratitude towards Infinite flight for making my dream come true atleast in a simulator! Also, I got some pics, they are right below❤️

The majestic a350 basking in the sunlight

Above Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, sorry I’m not sure

And that’s it, I had a great experience flying. And well if you made it till here, I sincere thank you and may you have a great day ahead🙏🏻


Welcome back man

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