Trip Report: Southwest Airlines KSJC-KSEA On WN379 06/11/2019

Heading to the Airport

We left for the airport at 6:30 AM PDT (1330Z) in the morning. We had a total of 10 bags with us (8 of which we are going to be checking in and 2 of which are going to be carry-ons). Because of the amount of bags (the 8 we are checking in are huge), we headed directly to Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) before dropping off our car. My Dad dropped off my Mom, my little sister, and me while he went off to drop off our car and take a shuttle back to the airport.

Checking In The Bags

We were flying on Southwest Airlines, so we each had 2 free bags to check in. There were 4 of us, so we could check in a total of 8 bags for free. Of course, we checked in the bigger bags and proceeded to head to security.


Our family is in the Global Entry Program, which includes TSA Precheck, so we were able to get expedited security screening.

Gate 22 to Gate 20

After security, we headed to Gate 22 which was supposed to be our gate. But because there was a Chicago (MDW/KMDW) flight that was delayed, our flight was switched over to Gate 20. The airplane, inbound from San Diego (N277WN), landed at SJC and had to hold because, at Gate 20, there was a Burbank flight that has yet to depart.

Shortly after the Burbank flight departed, N277WN (canyon blue with split scimitars) taxied into Gate 20 and we were about to board.

Our airplane, N277WN - a 12 year old Boeing 737-700 with split scimitars

Wing view before departure

The Flight

As the safety message was going on, we pushed back and started the engines. We taxied to Runway 30R and proceeded to takeoff. We did the right loop and headed north. @GlobalFlyer1 was able to catch sight of my airplane as she was on right downwind, Runway 30R.

We cruised at FL380 and around the Portland area, we began our descent into Seattle. The pilots buttered at Seattle. We went on and parked at Gate B10.

Shortly after departure. You can see San Jose Airport in the background

Heading north toward Seattle (completed the right loop)

Cruising at FL380

Descending into Seattle (you can see Mount Rainier in the background)

Parked at Gate B10


What did I think of the flight?

As this is a trip report, I will now give my opinions on the flight. Overall, I will give this flight a 9/10 rating. I got to fly on a Southwest Boeing 737-700 Canyon Blue with split scimitars for the first time. The flight attendants were kind and attentive. I called a flight attendant using the flight attendant call button and asked for a refill on my apple juice. I got it in a heartbeat! :D
The flight attendants acted like they loved doing their job and were happy for what was going to be more flights for the rest of the day. Pilots buttered the landing and the flight was awesome!
The only reason I did not give the flight a 10/10 was because we were delayed a couple of minutes due to the previous flight of N277WN (SAN-SJC) not having a gate upon arrival. We were also delayed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport due to the airport being really busy and making us hold short of 34R while waiting for a couple of airplanes to depart. And around that time, I really had to go to the bathroom (because of the amount of apple juice I drank) so holding short Runway 34R felt like torture.

Why did I make a trip report on this flight?

I made a trip report of this flight mainly because the next trip report I will make will be of a brand new experience for me.

Anyone who tracked my flight?

I posted this a bit before pushback.

I know for sure that @GlobalFlyer1 tracked my flight and thanks to him @Luke_Sta for keeping me company during my flight. :D
We had a great conversation and spamming the Plane and Pilot aviation Slack channel XD
(sorry @PlaneCrazy XD)

Thanks for reading! :D
Stay tuned for Part 2! :)


Sounds like a great trip. Love seeing the mountains in approach to Seattle


I have found the replay of your flight the flight number was WM379 right?

The trip was amazing! :D
And approach into Seattle was stunning as always

Yes, it is WN379


First thing I’m going to say is Awesome!!!

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Nice pics πŸ‘πŸ½

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Thanks for getting in flight WiFi to talk to me! I had fun with that!
Also cool you flew on a CB 😍

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Yeah, I loved the conversation between you, me, and @GlobalFlyer1 πŸ˜ƒ


Great job on the report, Bert! I love the photos!

Hope to see one of these on your Delta A220 flight;-)


I sure enjoyed it too!

Great trip report by the way. Eagerly awaiting your Delta CS100 one!

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you’ll get it

Nice trip report! I liked reading it.

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Nice review. Just a recommendation for next time, since it was so clear, take a time lapse. Otherwise it was a great review. Keep it up!

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Looked like it was a very nice trip… Very nice report also!

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Why the flip did you have so many bags?


This bit made me laugh a lot. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We had so many bags because we brought our items up from home to prepare to move to PDX. Better than getting a moving truck XD

Made you laugh but while we were holding short Runway 34R waiting for our clearence to cross I kept doing whatever I can to take my mind off my full bladder XD
Misery at its finest XD

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Your trip report has inspired me to fly that exact same route expect to see a post about it within the next few hours;)

Ooh! You’re going to stop by San Jose :D
Is this irl or IF

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Infinite flight your welcome to fly with me I’m flying the route on the training server

I’d love to but right now I have to do some work so I don’t have time :(

Have a good flight though! :D

make sure to perform all the KSJC procedures including the right loop! :D

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Thanks I’ll make a #screenshots-and-videos topic about it when I’m done

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