Trip Report: Southwest Airlines KSJC-KSAN On WN1368 02/18/2019


First of all, this is my first trip report, so correct me if there are any errors

I don’t do trip reports normally, but my Southwest experience this time was so interesting that I decided to make a trip report on this.

This is the first part out of 2 parts (1 part for each flight)

Heading to the Airport

We left for the airport at 4:15 AM (1215Z) in the morning. We were heading to the Holiday Inn Hotel nearby in order to drop off our car and take a shuttle to the airport. We got to the airport and checked our bags (love the Southwest Airlines free bags policy).


Our family is in the Global Entry Program, which includes TSA Precheck, so we were able to get expedited security screening.

Gate 23

After security, we headed to Gate 23 where N8711Q, a B38M, was. N8711Q was going to be our airplane operating as WN1368 KSJC-KSAN. When we booked our ticket, Southwest said that WN1368 was going to be operated by a B738, and when I checked FR24 48 hours before our flight, we did get a B738. A different airplane was dispatched from time to time during the two days before our flight, and the night before, N8711Q was dispatched for our flight. I really hoped that they would not change and they didn’t, so I got the chance to fly the MAX for the very first time! :D

After boarding, the windows were very blurry because of fog/mist that had gathered upon the airplane the night before. There was also ice on the wings and the top of the airplanes. Now, this may sound weird, but not long before pushback at KSJC, we got de-iced!!! That was the first time I was on an airplane that got de-iced.

N8711Q (B38M) before boarding. Notice the ice on top of the airplane.

There was fog/moist gathering up on the windows from the night before so pre-pushback pictures over the wing were blurry.

The Flight

After the safety message was played, we pushed back and started the engines. And let me tell you: the engines sounded amazing and were really quiet after startup. I loved the engine sound so much. It felt so good.

Anyways, we taxied Runway 30R and did not even stop before takeoff. We taxied, lined up, and just took off. Of course, we did the right loop and headed south. But when the engines spooled up for departure, there was a sound that I have never heard before. That sound was the quiet sound of the engines as we were rolling down Runway 30R.

We cruised at FL350 and everything felt so quiet. I am complimenting the MAX engines so much but it’s true! It felt so quiet and relaxing in the morning, especially with the mood lighting in the cabin. There was also no one in the center seat of my row, so I got 2 seats to myself (the person on the aisle seat didn’t really mind).

After about 10 minutes of cruising time, we started our descent into KSAN. I got to peak out and watch beautiful Los Angeles from far below and see the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the harbors as we approached. On right downwind Runway 27 at KSAN, I got to experience beautiful San Diego and got to see it even more as we became closer to the ground on final Runway 27. The tall buildings of San Diego got closer and closer and then I saw the airport.

The pilots buttered the landing at KSAN. On touchdown, I felt myself slowing down really really fast. By the time we slowed down, we were toward the end of the runway. XD

In one go without stopping, we taxied to Gate 4 and parked next to a B738 (N8682B) headed to KDAL.

We deplaned and went into crowded San Diego International Airport.

Rolling on Runway 30R for departure from KSJC! You can see the mist “washing” off the window :D

Heading 125 going south (doing the right loop)

On right downwind, Runway 30R. That’s a picture of KSJC :D

Hello from FL350! :D

Yum yum! :D Not long after taking this picture, I spilled a bit of my apple juice :(

Tracking myself on FlightRadar24

On final Runway 27 at KSAN

Arrived at Gate 4

What did I think of the flight?

As this is a trip report, I will now give my opinions on the flight. Overall, I will give this flight a 9.5/10 rating. I got to see my airplane getting de-iced for the first time and at KSJC, I got to fly on the B38M for the first time, and I was satisfied with my whole flight.

The flight attendants were nice and one of them lifted everyone’s spirits for the morning. She was so pleasant to be around and made the flight a lot better for a lot of people (apart from those still trying to sleep). Her customer service was amazing as she took our orders for drinks and handed out pretzels. The pilots buttered the landing at KSAN and we arrived at our gate on time. The only reason why I did not give this flight a 10/10 was because not long before descent, I accidentally spilled some of my apple juice, so that was sad. XD

Why did I make a trip report of this flight?

I made a trip report of this flight mainly because I flew on a B38M for the very first time and I was so happy that Southwest changed the plane to a B38M. I was also super happy with the extraordinary service of the flight attendants and the buttery landing of the pilots. Everything was absolutely amazing apart from the fact that I accidentally spilled a bit of my apple juice during the flight.

Anyone who tracked my flight?

I posted this a bit before pushback.

I know for sure that @AviationJack tracked my flight, so I would like to give a special thanks to him. :D

Thanks for reading! :D
Stay tuned for Part 2! :O


Great report @BigBert10. Though I have never been on a plane that was de-iced while I was onboard, I did fly on a American B38M last December. Unfortunately, it was at night so it wasn’t easy to spot the differences between the American B738 and B38M.

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Great trip report! If only SWA would use There Max 8’s more frequently to ONT

These Californians I tell you 🌞


10/10 for me! You should definitely make a part 2 of this!

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Wow! A derating because ol’ Berty spilled some juice.

Just…wow 😂😂😂


I know, when I fly out of BWI we get de-iced all the time.

And @BigBert10 you spilled your juice but last flight of mine, I went to the lavatory and on the way back the flight attendant asked me if I wanted a coke, I took it and we hit some rough air, spilled in right in the aisle 🤦‍♂️


Sorry, over here at KSJC, it doesn’t snow XD


Awesome trip report, and nice pictures! It’s especially great considering it’s your first trip report.
You’re lucky to go on a MAX, it’ll probably be years before I ride my first one. mostly because I fly with AA :P

Thanks for the feedback! :D

This was my first trip report, so I’m pretty happy that I got it right! :D

Also, AA flies a B38M as well, so maybe someday your plane will be a MAX :D

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The MAX is my favorite plane. (Shh, it’s the truth.).

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