Trip Report: Southwest Airlines KSAN-KSJC On WN1246 02/21/2019

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1:


Hello and welcome back to Part 2 of my San Diego Southwest Airlines trip report. This flight will take me home to KSJC.

Flight Info:
Southwest Airlines 1368
N7721E (B737 Canyon Blue) - an ex Airtran Airways plane with the previous registration N283AT
Departure: 8 PM (0400Z) (delayed - 9:40 PM (0540Z))


Why talk about my dinner before the flight? This is because the delay started here. Prior to eating dinner, my flight was marked as “On Time.” It was supposed to depart at 8 PM (0400Z). During my dinner, I received a text on my phone saying that my flight was delayed until 8:35 PM (0435Z). We weren’t really happy about it, but we didn’t really care too much about it.

Heading to the Airport

We got to KSAN and returned our rental car. We were then able to take a shuttle to terminal 1, where Southwest Airlines was. We checked our bags and proceeded to go to security.


If you remember from my previous trip report, my family and I were in the Global Entry Program which included TSA PreCheck, so we got expedited security screening. From entering the PreCheck line to passing security, it only took 5 minutes (or even less).

Gate 6

After security, we headed to Gate 6, where N7721E, a B737, was. N7721E was going to be our airplane operating as WN1246 KSAN-KSJC. As we were walking to our gate, I received a text message saying that our flight was delayed until 9 PM (0500Z). That’s when we really started to get concerned. I decided to work on Drivers Ed while waiting, so I took my phone charger and my Macbook and proceeded to the charging table near Gate 10.

Shortly after, I received a notification on the SWV Slack from @TheDeltaFlyerr that my flight was delayed until 9:40 PM (0540Z). I checked and it was true, and shortly after, I received the text on my phone, which I relayed to my parents.

During the time I was waiting, the inbound flight operating as WN2213 KSJC-KSAN left the gate early but was just sitting at KSJC forever. The inbound flight was so delayed that it affected our flight.

We got really worried as FlightRadar24 said our flight was to depart at 10 PM (0600Z).


Around 7:50 PM (0350Z), as I was watching FlightAware displaying “Taxiing - Left Gate” on WN2213, the gate agents at Gate 10 were boarding passengers for WN673 on N247WN doing KSAN-KSFO. I was watching the A group board, and I decided to call my parents to see if we should SWITCH!!! Yes, we really wanted to go home that I was willing to just fly to KSFO!!! I know, KSFO!!!

I called my Dad, and he told me to ask the customer service agent. I asked him and he asked me to show my boarding pass and then told me to get my baggage claim tickets, so I went back to Gate 6, and asked my Dad to come with me and bring the baggage claim tickets. We headed back to the agent, and we presented to him the bag tags and he began the procedure of switching our flights. During the procedure, my Dad asked if there was any change our KSAN-KSJC flight would get canceled as KSJC does have a curfew. People need to sleep XD The gate agent said that the chance that our flight would get canceled is low and told us that the inbound flight has already taken off from KSJC. I checked FR24 and I saw N7721E turning right to head downwind on the right loop. From this, we told him that we would wait and the agent gave us back the claim tickets.

We waited and while waiting, I watched N247WN departing for KSFO. Yeah, we didn’t go to KSFO. whew

We waited for another hour and while waiting, I decided to continue on Drivers Ed.

3 Flights

As 9 PM (0500Z) approached, the customer service agent announced that there were going to be 3, yes 3 flights departing KSAN for KSJC in the next hour. These flights were WN496 (N8692F), WN1246 (N7721E - mine), and WN1330 (N495WN). All 3 flights were delayed, but WN1330 was delayed the least and WN496 was delayed the most.

WN496 N8692F was supposed to depart at 6:05 PM (0205Z). Yes, that means that the flight was delayed for almost 4 hours!!! Most of the passengers from that flight switched flights, leaving only 49 people who were going to be boarding N8692F. All passengers on that flight received vouchers for the massive delay.

WN1246 N7721E was supposed to depart at 8:00 PM (0400Z). Our flight was delayed for 100 minutes (1:40).

WN1330 was supposed to depart at 9 PM (0500Z). The flight was delayed for 35 minutes.

The Flight

During boarding, there were 3 flights to KSJC boarding around the same time XD

WN496 was boarding from Gate 3.
WN1246 (mine) was boarding from Gate 6.
WN1330 was boarding from Gate 9.

On my flight (WN1246), we were about to begin pushback when I saw WN1330 taking off from KSAN Runway 27. I thought to myself, “That flight was scheduled at the latest time out of the 3 flights, but still departed first?” Those on that flight were lucky XD

We began pushback and began taxiing behind N8692F (WN496). Both of us taxied to Runway 27 and I got to see N8692F rolling down Runway 27 for departure, at which point we entered Runway 27 and lined up and wait. 15 seconds later, we received the clearance for departure and as the engines roared up, I felt a sense of joy in me as we were finally heading home.

As we were climbing toward cruising altitude and neared KLAX, @mwe2187 was tracking my flight and got really surprised that there was another KSAN-KSJC flight right in front of mine (WN1330). @TheDeltaFlyerr told him that there were actually 3 flights all doing KSAN-KSJC. This was on the DLVA Slack. Not long after reaching the cruising altitude of FL400, I had a nice talk with @CarlosFunes on the DLVA Slack and he helped me with the wind speeds in my area as my flight started getting bumpy. He then signed off shortly after and then I enjoyed my pretzels and apple juice.

This time, I did not spill my apple juice. XD

As I was finishing up my apple juice, I still felt thirsty and was going to ask a flight attendant for a refill, but we have already started descending into KSJC. I decided instead to just eat the ice (not chew it but let it melt in my mouth) to try and quench my thirst. Nearing 10,000 ft, I finished my last piece of ice, leaving my cup empty, and shortly after, the flight attendant asked to take my cup.

On final approach to KSJC Runway 30L, I was really excited as this delayed flight was going to land. On final Runway 30L, the flight got really really bumpy. The winds were so strong the plane was shaking so much. The pilots did not really butter the landing. After landing, we held short of Runway 30R on Taxiway J as we were waiting for N3759 (DL1417) to depart for KJFK.

As we taxied to Gate 21, I saw N8692F holding on Taxiway Z as she was waiting for Gate 26 to open up. I also saw N495WN already parked at Gate 12. We parked at Gate 21 at which time I saw N8692F moving to taxi to her gate, Gate 26. We deplaned and proceeded to head to baggage claim.

So to recap:

WN1330 was scheduled the latest out of the 3 flights but arrived at KSJC first.
My flight, WN1246 landed at KSJC last but we parked before WN496.
This meant that WN496 was scheduled first but arrived last. Those poor passengers :(

About to board.

Pre-pushback wing picture

Just after takeoff

N495WN operating as WN1330

N8692F operating as WN496

N7721E operating as WN1246 (my flight)

Yum yum

After parking at Gate 21

3 San Diego inbound flights XD

All these people came from San Diego.

Note: My baggage carousel was switched from Carousel B1 to B2.

What did I think of the flight?

As this is a trip report, I will give my opinion on the flight. Overall, I will give this flight an 8/10. Even though there was a delay and we almost switched to flying to KSFO, the whole experience was overall really fun.

The flight attendants were nice and their customer service was amazing. The customer service agent was nice and cooperative as we were considering whether to switch to WN673 KSAN-KSFO. The flight itself was interesting as there were 2 other flights also performing the same route around the same time. Even though I arrived home late meaning I picked up Dr. Pepper (my pomeranian) late, the experience, journey, and the flights were all interesting.

Anyone who tracked my fight?

I posted this shortly before pushback.

@CarlosFunes tracked me a bit and gave me wind updates. Thanks for that! :D

Thanks for reading! :D


Great report sir!

Also to point out that evening i was amazing at the line of fedex in Oklahoma. It literally looked like an IFC event IRL

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Thanks for the feedback! :D

That Fedex line would’ve looked really cool if I found it XD

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