Trip report | southwest 737-800 | PHX-LAX

Flight #: WN2279
Aircraft: 737-800
Seat: 7F
Flight time: 1 hour 8 minutes.

Hey guys! Today, I show you a trip report on a Southwest flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California joined by my friends @Flyin.Hawaiian and @anon38552190 .

Here are the photos

Plane pulling into the gate

Seat 7F gives a good view of the engine. This picture shows @anon38552190 's aircraft

Push back

Take off.


Great landing

After I parked and got off the plane, I decided to spot planes. Sadly, @Flyin.Hawaiian 's flight crashed on short final. The plane spotting will come later but here is a photo that I caught of @Captain_Nicolas landing a Swiss 777-300ER all the way from Zurich!

Anyways, thanks for viewing this trip report!



rip N8301J, or WN357 😢

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RIP indeed.

Hey ! Thx for the spot mate ! How was my landing from where you were ? :)

Great shots by the way ! ;)


It was a great landing but I was not sure because the game kept rewinding you. It looked rather smooth.

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