Trip Report: Southwest 735 (KLIT-KDAL)

Hello IFC:

On Monday, I flew out to Phoenix to see a couple of friends. Here is flight one of two on Southwest.

Before we get into the flight review, let’s talk about the cleanliest of this airplane. Southwest does an amazing job of cleaning there planes. Upon entering I just did a quick glance and everything was so clean from the carpet to the seats to the galleys. When I reach my row, row 20, I chose the window seat which was 20F. Now SWA has an open seating policy so you pick where you sit but I wanted somewhere alone-ish and that seat was the place. When I reached my seat, the seat, it was in amazing condition. Like the rest of the plane, the seat was clean as well. I couldn’t find a speck of dirt. Now, back to the flight.

Today’s flight was on N455WN a Boeing 737-700. This flight was from Little Rock to Dallas Love Field. Our cruising altitude was FL360 or 36000 feet. It wasn’t the smoothest of flights but hey, what’s a flight without some bumps. The crew on this flight was amazing. Even for such a short flight and with limited service, they made sure that everyone was taken care. This airplane had the new heart interior and livery and I really enjoy this interior and livery. I had plenty of leg room (5’5”) and the seats were probably some of the more comfortable ones I sat in. With Coronavirus going around, SWA is keeping all middle seats open which is nice. While that is nice, nothing beats having your own row to yourself which is also nice. The rest of the flight was uneventful. We soon arrived into the Dallas Love Field Airport with a typical Southwest landing on runway 13R and taxied over your Gate 8. Stay tuned for a trip update on the next flight from Dallas Love Field to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.





Overall: 8/10

(Didn’t rate IFE due to it being subjective for such a short flight)

Pictures will come later.


Cruising at FL360 for a ~250 NM flight is the most Southwest thing ever


the title says 735 (737-500) but in the topic you said 737 (737-700) which is it?

Pretty sure he meant the flight number, not the airframe in the title.

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oh oops

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Southwest 735 is the flight number… Compared Southwest doesn’t operate the Boeing 737-500 anymore

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yeah i just noticed that as well

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Nice! I flew on your aircraft’s sister, N444WN, from AUS-LAS in 2016.

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Nice! Part 2 of this trip report will come out either later today or tomorrow

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