Trip Report: Southwest 6707 (KDAL-KPHX)

Hello everyone. Recently I travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to meet up with someone special to me since I havent seen them since this pandemic started. In this flight review, we travel on Southwest Airlines flight 6707 from Dallas Love Field to Phoneix Sky Harbor International Airport. This flighr was operated by a Boeing 737-800 in the newish Heart Livery with the Heart Interior. Before we begin this flight review, lets talk about the plane. The plane is a 7 year old Boeing 737-800 with registration N8328A. Now, lets get into more of this flight.

Boarding started later than normal due to to the baording pass scanner not working so the gate agent had to manually check everyone off in the computer as we went by him. Since I was on stanby for this flight, I didnt really get that great of a baording position but thats okay as every middle seat would be empty. For this flight, my boarding posttion was B29. Once I got onboard the aircraft, I noticed that it was very clean as well, just like my previous Southwest aircraft from Little Rock to Dallas Love Field. (If you havent checked out that trip report, I definitely recommned that you go check that one out). Once I got on the aircraft, I tried to look for a row that was empty still and sure enough, row 24 was still open. While it is near the back of the Boeing 737-800 I did not mind. I would rather have a whole row to myself then have a seat inbetween us. Luckily enough for me, I had the whole row to myself since I was one of the last peope on the plane.

Once boarding was completed, we pushed from the gate and took off from runway 13R. We blasted into the hot and bumpy Dallas sky and we were on our way to Phoenix. Shortly after takeoff, we got served a can, yes a can, of water and some classic Southwest snack mix. After that, I closed my eyes and took about an hour nap. That nap was much needed since I had been up since 0525 local time. Along the way, we hit a few bumps which didnt bug me becuase I dont think a flight is a true flight without encountering some bumps along the way.

Once I woke up from my nap, I pulled out my computer and decided to get some work done. Work consisted of editing a new video for my youtube channel and working on some grpahics. I also worked on typing this review for you guys to read. I worked on those things until it was time to put all laptop devices away and prepare for landing at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We landed on runway 26 as we were coming in from the north and then taxiied to the southside to gate C7. Overall, the flight was very nice. Smooth with a few bumps along the way and a very clean aircraft which I like. Southwest is doing a good job handling the current pandemic.

Some scores:



IFE:9/10 (I slept about 80% of the way)


Landing:6/10 (Typical Southwest Landing)

Overall: 8/10


Ooh! You got to be on a Southwest plane that was ETOPS certified! 😃
This was also the plane that flew the first Southwest SJC-KOA route!

Great trip report! Did you take any pictures?

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Hahah Nice! I will admit, I do enjoy the SWA 738s… I did but they are all on my phone and thats broken right now so…

Oh that’s a big oof! Once you get your phone fixed, I and the IFC would love to see the pictures

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They will defiantly be up there for sure when I have the resources to do it.

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