Trip Report- Southwest 6333- KGRR-KDEN - 8/11/18

Hello! This is my first Trip report! I flew back home to Denver, from Grand Rapids , on Southwest on August 11. My trip out to Grand Rapids was not too entertaining, even though we did sit on the ramp for an hour because we had to change our flight plan due to a line of storms from Minnesota to Texas.

I was returning home to Colorado after an 8 day trip to West Michigan (8/03/18 to 8/11/18.) I had just finished visiting my family and I was ready to go home.

We got to the airport and we checked in for Southwest 6333. There was no one in line for our flight (I travel with my family) (I also forgot to take pictures for this part) We also got TSA pre check and we cleared that (It was really quiet, even though it was around 11 A.M. EDT)

I was the second person at the gate and got the best window seat to view the plane. I sat down and waited for the plane to arrive, and as I waited I did the IFC
Ah, there she is, N962WN! She is a 7 year old 737-700 with Split Scimitars!

I noticed that this plane had the old interior for Southwest. I haven’t flown on a plane with that interior since 2016.

We pushed back about 10 minutes early and taxiied towards runway 26 at KGRR.

We lifted off, and rapidly accelerated towards our cruising altitude of 40,000 feet. We flew over many small towns in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. I switched seats with my dad about 1/2 way thru the flight. I got the window, and he moved to the aisle.

Food service was okay, and I got a Dr. Pepper, some pretzels, and veggie crackers from Southwest. I also got skittles and a water from the airport. rip Southwest peanuts by thw way😢


I was on that exact same flight as you. See here is proof what seat where you I was in row 8. If you saw someone with a drawstring bag that said cooperstown on it when we deplaned that then that was me! @Luke_Sta


I also saw 2 airplanes fly by the window, one Southwest, and a Skywest. We began our decent into Denver, and, as usual, it was a little bumpy.

As we landed a little behind a United A320, landing on 34R, we touched down on runway 34L. We taxiied to Gate C40 and I did not know we arrived nearly 40 minutes early!

We passed N938WN, the Southwest B737 that is dedicated to First Responders.
I walked back into the terminal and waved goodbye to N962WN.
Goodbye, Southwest, see you next time!


@den.aviation OMG cool! What seat were you in?

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I think it was row 8 on the left side of the plane when you walk in


Ah. I was in 16F. Did you see a guy with a Tigers hat and a blue and black back pack? That was me.

Here is aRW pics from the gate.


I think I saw you at baggage claim too

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@den.aviation what flight did you fly out on? I flew out on WN791 on 8/03

I was on a flight from New York via Midway.
That day I flew back did you see a kid in a blue hat with sunglasses on the hat

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Ah. How long were you in Grand Rapids?

Yeah, I think I did!

I got there a day before you! I was in the Muskegon area visiting family

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This was my flight out.

@Luke_Sta @den.aviation I think it’s the for you two to take it to a PM

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Ok sorry about that. It’s just wild to have someone from the ifc to be in the same town visiting and the same flight back and to see them in person is just wild.

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Instantly starts crying remembering the peanuts. (But peanut allergies is something to prevent.)

wipes tears

Great Report mate. Happy you had a great SWA experience.

Eats out of peanut bag

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By the way, happy birthday! @anon7075715

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Flew from KLAX to KNUC in the Southwest 737-700 and had a smooth -200 fpm landing (this was during the flight)